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Christmas songs are one of the most important things when celebrating Christmas. Once December arrives, you can’t go anywhere without hearing Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé or Christmas classics like “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.” Christmas songs have a distinct sound to them that just makes you feel happy and jolly. But did you know that K-pop artists have also been releasing Christmas music? If you’re a K-pop fan, start filling your Christmas playlists with these songs so you can keep listening to your faves, even when it’s the holidays.

JAMIE – 5 Christmas Languages

With “Christmas” in the title and lyrics, as well as the bell sounds in the background, this song is the epitome of a Christmas song. JAMIE’s strong vocals make 5 Christmas Languages sound powerful and the mostly English chorus makes it easy to sing along for non-Korean speakers. It’s jolly and bright, encompassing everything that makes Christmas fun. There’s also a dance challenge for this song that’s fun to learn if you want to do it with your friends.

Twice – Merry & Happy

This entire album has Christmas vibes, but this song is the most direct. The warm lyrics about loving Christmas because of the people around you make this song perfect for Christmas parties. The snaps and claps as the main percussion make it fun to snap, clap and dance to the beat of this song with friends.

EDEN, ATEEZ, Maddox, Eden-ary – Call Me Anytime

This KQ family collab isn’t as obvious a Christmas song, since the only indication that it would be that it was released near Christmas day. However, the lyrics and bell sounds do give it more reason to be on this list. This is more of a calm Christmas song that you can listen to with your loved ones as you cuddle up on the sofa. It’s comforting with all their soft voices and harmonies. Also, what makes it even better is the silly music video that they made when releasing this song.

Stray Kids – Christmas EveL

This song is exactly what you’d expect a Stray Kids Christmas song to sound like. The hard-hitting raps and beat drop at the chorus make it hard to believe it’s a Christmas song if not for the Christmas-themed lyrics and soft jingle bell sounds. It’s a fun song to play if you want to max out the party vibes of your Christmas party and just jump around the living room with your friends and family while holding your drinks.

Dreamcatcher – For (YOOHYEON SOLO)

This song has nothing to do with Christmas. There are no lyrics about Christmas, nor was it released in December. However, I had to include this song in this list because there’s just something so Christmas about it. The calm melody and repetitive jingle sounds transport you into a cozy house, where you’re sat in front of the fireplace and gazing through the window at the falling snow. Yoohyeon’s smooth voice makes this song feel like a warm hug and fittingly, the part where she sings “Hug me” in the chorus sends shivers throughout my body, in a good way.

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