The Journey to Self-Love

The idea of “loving yourself” has unfortunately become a notion related to being selfish and vain. However, I am here to tell you that self-love is not selfish, but rather a necessary journey that is unique to each person. With that being said, this article is going to be more than me telling you to get in a bubble bath with a face mask on until your glass of rosé is done (although you probably deserve that, too). This, my friends, is a deeper and more personal process, one that everyone struggles with from time to time. I’m here instead to provide you with habits you can practice to ensure healthy behaviour and ultimately help you throughout your self-love journey.

Positive talk

Talk to yourself with the same compassion and kindness as you would your best friend. This is the first step in properly appreciating yourself and your body. Try looking in the mirror and saying something you like about yourself, small or big! And it’ll make you feel GOOD, I promise. Getting in the habit of this will help you love yourself that much more. Now go ahead and check yourself out.

Surround yourself with the right people

It is important to pay attention to the people who lift you up, as opposed to bring you down. There is nothing more toxic than friendships and relationships that are filled with negativity and self-doubt. Anyone who makes you feel less than the amazing person you are does not deserve your time. Plain and simple. Let your friends compliment you and make you feel beautiful. The right people will help you learn to love yourself as much as they love you.

No more comparisons

This one is tricky. It has become an unconscious reaction for many to see a beautiful, lively person and feel shadowed by their seemingly ‘perfect’ persona. A little spoiler alert for you readers: no one is perfect. Everyone is unique and it is in our differences that make us special. The people in your life love you the way you are, and admire your unique personality, so why compare yourself to others?  You have qualities that some people would do anything to call their own, do yourself a huge favour and actively try to stop comparing yourself to others. You’ll end up feeling lighter and happier with yourself.

Celebrate each accomplishment (big or small)

You deserve to feel good about yourself, everyone does. Do your best to get in the habit of congratulating yourself more often, and feel the self-love running through your veins. Did you do better than you thought you did on an essay? Were you kind to someone who needed it? Did you feel a little more loving and patient towards yourself than you did yesterday? Each of these and so much more deserve recognition. Applaud yourself and celebrate YOU.

Let it go

I saved this one until the end because I’ll admit, it is the most difficult for many people, but I assure you it is the most rewarding. You must learn to let go of all of your past grudges, heartbreaks and dishonesties. I understand that you’re still hurt by these and it’s hard to forgive them and that this does take time, but this is essential to ultimately loving yourself. What is important to remember is that you lived through it and you’re a stronger person because of it. Now it’s time to let it go and forgive.

Now that you’re aware of these habits I promise they will help you. Be patient with yourself and your body and know that loving yourself takes time. Trust in yourself and know that you’re worth it! If you don’t want to listen to me, listen to the words of Justin Bieber.