It’s Time to Swap Your Falsies for Magnetic Lashes

Long gone are the days of fumbling with crusty glue bottles. After years of suffering at the hands of strip lashes and adhesive, the game is finally changing. For once, we need not be known for sticky fingers.

I’m being overdramatic, I know, but considering how often I’ve all but glued my eyes shut, I think I deserve to be a little dramatic. My point is, there are now many alternatives to ordinary strip lashes.

Not that alternatives are a new thing. There are lash extensions, partial falsies, magnetic lashes that you sandwich together, the list goes on. Yet none of the alternatives hold a candle to magnetic lashes and liner. Honestly, they’re one of the easiest methods for applying false lashes. If you can use eyeliner, you’ll have no problem with them.

I’d been skeptical at first… in theory, they seemed odd, and I figured that in practice they’d be clunky and uncomfortable. At first, they were uncomfortable, but no more than regular strip lashes. The magnets blended into the eyeliner well, and they were no heavier than typical falsies.

 They are actually fairly simple to use. The lashes easily fall into place alongside the eyeliner and can be adjusted without smearing tacky glue everywhere. As someone who used to struggle a lot with lash placement, this is a godsend. Seriously, the ease with which I could readjust the lashes was unrivalled. Sometimes, you don’t even need to readjust because it blends so smoothly with the liner itself.

All this aside, one of the best things about magnetic lashes is that it isn’t an adhesive. For anyone with an allergy to adhesive, false lashes are a dangerous game. They can even be a concern for those of us with skin sensitivities. Magnetic lashes eliminate that risk – though, like any new makeup product, it doesn’t hurt to do a patch test. Start with a test on the back of your hand, your cheek and then your eyelid. If you have any reaction, clean it off and don’t use the product. You never know what you’ll be sensitive or even allergic to. Trust me when I say you do not want to find out you’re allergic to something the first time you put it on your eyes.

Safety aside, magnetic lashes are a wonderful alternative to your usual falsies because they’re fool-proof. As long as you can apply eyeliner, you can apply magnetic lashes. So, maybe it’s time to trade your falsies and lash glue for magnetic lashes and liner – I can promise you won’t regret it.