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If You’re Looking For A Sign To Delete His Number… This Is It

Okay, so I’m not one who cares when a guy I’m talking to (pfft, labels) is liking other girls’ pics, however I think the argument for girls that do is still completely valid. There are, however, some red flags that I’ve recently deemed deal breakers that I would’ve liked to hear from my older self about a month ago, which is why I’m here to share them with you.

1. He’s all talk.            

A) He wheels you super hard over text but then completely ghosts anytime you two actually have the opportunity to see each other in person. At this point I’m just going to assume he has something to hide, like a girlfriend he’s willing to text about cheating on but won’t actually cheat on. Either that or keyboard confidence really does still exist into your 20’s… awks.

B) He won’t even think about seeing you in person unless there’s a promise of hooking up. This doesn’t even leave a question about what he’s looking for with you (no problem, keeping things casual) but when it’s too much for him to travel any distance greater than a block to meet up in a social setting before things get private, that just takes pathetic to a whooole other level.


2. He plays ALL SORTS of mind games via social media.

A constant game of follow, unfollow, and no follow back? Does he like and unlike your pics? Does he purposely avoid liking them all? Are we still in high school? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions I would promptly suggest you give your guy a maturity check! What’s so wrong with a simple “I like you, so I don’t mind burning the half a calorie it takes to double tap your pic” outlook? Let’s leave the cat and mouse games to fourth grade gym class, shall we?

3. He straight up tells you he doesn’t owe you a reply in any reasonable amount of time because you’re not his girlfriend.

lol. That’s all I have to say here. I’m not asking for a label and I’m generally not a clingy person, but I’m sure you check your phone more than once every 6 hours. If he thinks you’re boring or want the conversation to end he should grow up and do it. If he thinks you need to be his girlfriend to have the common courtesy to keep a reasonable conversation going, then you should probably start dropping “bro” and “man” as you address him just to level the playing field.


4. You delete his number and consequently stop hearing from him.

This one just really goes to show you’re not on his mind as often as you thought. If its been more than 5 days and you haven’t yet had the chance to reply with “same phone, who this?”, he’s only trying to keep you believing that he’s a viable option (spoiler alert: he’s not). Don’t sit around waiting for that text girl, work on bettering yourself so when it finally comes you’re already feeling too good to answer it.

 Annnd scene. It doesn’t take a lot of Google searching to find 1290432908 other articles on “signs you’re probably dealing with a fuckboy”, but after months of falling for the same old games I figured it was time to make a list to remind you (more like me, lol guilty) what behaviours are not(!!) excusable when it comes to a guy, and thinking so does not make you psycho, needy, or crazy. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having high standards, just as long as you’re doing your best to provide as much as you expect.


I know deleting his number might seem a little dramatic, but the best way to make sure you’re getting treated the way you deserve is by treating your life the same as you do your phone storage (unless you have some magical Google-Android thing… then disregard this paragraph). We iPhone users all know how it feels to be notified with “storage almost full” every. ten. minutes. meaning that we are forced to keep only the best of the best. From apps to pictures to emails and now contacts, deleting his number will save you both stress, time, AND phone storage. It’s a win-win situation, really.

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