How to Treat Yourself This Exam Season Without Breaking the Bank

It’s that time of year again…final exams, massive papers, holidays, and a whole lot of stress. Sometimes you get so trapped in the stress of things, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you start to wonder if your hard work will really pay off. It’s important to recognize your own success and hard work one way or another, and for me, that means treating myself!

Here’s some tips and tricks to treating yourself this exam season without totally breaking your holiday budget!

Small success = Small reward

After I finish a major essay, paper or even a final exam, set aside a little bit of time to reward yourself. This might be a dish from the restaurant you’ve been wanting to try all season, a fancy drink from a café, or just a long, drawn out bath with all the bells and whistles. Little gifts like this will motivate you to get through that essay you’ve been struggling with for the past week, or allow you to leave the exam room not feeling totally defeated. Do your best not to break down, and treat yourself before you’re finished the task at hand, otherwise the reward is essentially worthless.

Treat yourself with free time

Think of an exam like a high intensity workout for your brain. When you finish the workout, are you going to go back home and start working out immediately without a break? No…at least, I’m not. Give yourself time to relax, socialize, eat, or do whatever you want after you’re finished your exam. Your brain needs a break and so do you. Snuggling up in bed and watching some Netflix is sometimes the best treat you can give yourself.

Enjoy the little things

While you’re cramming for your finals, it’s easy to let some of the simple things in life slide right past you. Take time to really enjoy your shower, your morning coffee, and anything else in your daily routine that is easily forgotten.

Splurge on yourself at the end of term

When you’ve finished all your exams, assignments, and papers, allow yourself to splurge on something you’ve been looking forward to all semester. Whether this is a mini-getaway, a new outfit, an amazing meal, a spa day, an activity or something completely different, you’re sure to feel rewarded for all your hard work.

Good luck and happy studying!