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We’ve all been there.  The frightening yet exciting experience of makeup shopping when all of a sudden it hits you- you need makeup brushes. *cue scary music* Shopping for makeup brushes can be a pretty daunting thing to do if you’re just getting into makeup.  I suggest watching a sh*t ton of YouTube videos to help you with your search, but if you’re short on time I’ve got a list of the best makeup brushes to kick-off your collection and ensure a flawless application every time!

First things first, you need a foundation brush!  This is the base of your makeup routine so this brush is uber important.  Now, you have a few options for this one- you can go one of two routes.  First, you can opt for a small stippling dual fibre brush.  These brushes are great for liquid foundation because they distribute product evenly on the face and leave the perfect finish.  You can find a brush like this from Sephora, called the Sephora PRO Stippling Brush #44.  However, you can also opt for a beauty sponge. Beautyblender has an amazing beauty sponge that you dampen with a little water before use and use it to apply your foundation with a dabbing motion. Beauty blenders are also great for applying concealer because they leave little to no creasing!   A beauty sponge leaves an amazing airbrushed finish, so I would definitely give this one a try!

Next up we have a powder brush.  In order to get a flawless face, you have to set your foundation and concealer with a powder.  To apply your powder you’re going to need a big fluffy powder brush.  These brushes are huge and super soft, allowing you to pick up and distribute your powder product evenly across your face.  They are also super helpful in wiping away any product you may have used to bake your face.   Check out the MAKEUP FOREVER #130 Large Powder Brush.    

Following the powder brush, you’re going to need a contour brush.  Any sculpted, or angled brush will do for carving out your cheekbones and bronzing up your face.  I suggest checking out the MAC 138S Tapered Face Brush for this.  The tapered dome-shaped tip at the end of the brush makes it perfect for sculpting your cheeks and contouring your nose. 

Next you’ll need a highlighting brush.  Highlighting is my favourite part of any makeup routine, so make sure you have the perfect brush for this step.  I would either suggest a fan brush or a small blending brush for highlighting.  Both will distribute product beautifully on your face, so it is up to you to decide which one suits your makeup routine more!  Try out the Sephora collection PRO Fan Brush #65. 

Up next you’ll need a blush brush.  Similar to a powder brush, you’re going to need a fluffy brush for this step.  However, the brush does not have to be as big.  Opt for a smaller version because you’ll be using the product only on the apples of your cheeks.  Need help finding one? The Bobbi Brown Blush Brush will do you no wrong!

Finally we have eye shadow brushes.  The type of brushes you get to apply eye shadow will vary, but you can’t go wrong with a few staples.  First off, a flat shader brush is perfect for sweeping a neutral colour all over the lid.  Next, go for a small pencil brush to carve out the hollows of your eyes to transition into a crease shade.  Finally, you’ll need a small blending brush to soften the crease and darken the edges, if you’re going for an edgier look.  Check out MORPHE for amazingly affordable eye shadow brushes and sets! 

There you have it, Collegiettes, your go-to guide for buying and using makeup brushes!  Hope this was of use to all of you and you enjoyed it!  All the best this year xoxo        

Wilfrid Laurier Student who loves anything and everything related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Constantly living life though the wise words of fashion icon Coco Chanel, who preaches, "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different."
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