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How to Cope with Seasonal Allergies

The end of winter is finally near and spring is fast approaching. With changing seasons comes a reality for many – allergies. Cue the runny nose, scratchy throat, and itchy, red eyes for the next six months. Being a sufferer of seasonal allergies myself, I’ve picked up a few tricks that make allergy season a little more bearable.  

1. Keep allergy medication with you

One of the many unfortunate things about allergies is that you never know when they’re going to strike. You could be fine one minute and coughing non-stop or breaking out in hives the next. If your allergies are spontaneous like this and you don’t require allergy medication daily, make sure to keep some with you. Don’t let your allergies put a damper in your spring and summer fun!

2. Netti pots and saline spray

My allergies often lead to long lasting sinus pressure, pain, and congestion. My eyes swell nearly shut and breathing out of my nose is virtually impossible. Both Netti pots and saline spray can be purchased at your local pharmacy and work really well, almost instantly relieving that awful pressure and the pain and congestion that go along with it.

3. Wash your hands constantly

This one should be self explanatory…

4. Avoid touching your face

This is important any time for anyone, but especially during allergy season! Avoid coming into contact with allergens any more than you have to. Even if you don’t have allergies, this can be a huge factor in breakouts, and nobody likes those!

5. Don’t be afraid to see a doctor

A few years ago, my allergy symptoms got really bad and my family doctor referred me to an allergist. While you might have to travel quite a ways to get to a specialist, taking this step can really improve how you feel, especially during years that are particularly bad for allergies. I underwent allergy testing, so that a treatment plan specific to my needs could be developed and it was the best decision ever!

My name is Emily Saunders. I’m a first year Health Sciences student at Laurier and I’m thrilled to be a part of HerCampus this year! Some of my passions include dancing, running and being an advocate for youth mental health. I’m looking forward to putting my skills to use as a writer on the 2018 HerCampus team! Instagram: @emmygrace1999 Twitter: @ESaunders99
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