Holiday How To: How to Make a Good First Impression to Your S.O's Parents

As the holiday season approaches there are plenty of people to visit and parties to attend. This may pose a new challenge: meeting your significant other’s parents! First impressions are crucial; most people develop an impression of someone within five minutes of meeting them. Have no fear, we are here to help! Here are Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier’s top tips to making a good first impression.

1) Do your research

Ask your boo about their parents’ likes and dislikes and learn about their interests. If their mom loves Fleetwood Mac, maybe listen to a few songs before you go. If their dad loves the Civil War, look up a few fun facts to impress him with. It’s equally important to know their dislikes as well - if Miley Cyrus is seen as the Anti-Christ in their house, it’s probably best to leave your ‘Wrecking Ball’ impression at home!

2) Dress to impress

Meeting the family for the first time is an occasion to dress nicely. Remember, you aren’t going to a rave. If you’re concerned that your outfit is too revealing, opt for a more conservative look; it’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s also important to dress weather appropriate, as their family’s holiday traditions could include lots of time outside.You should be ready for anything!

3) Don’t forget your manners

It seems like common sense, but always remember to say please and thank you and offer to help clear the table after a meal. It’s the little details that really make a difference, and good manners are a crucial life skill that should be utilized at all times.

4) Bring a present

If you are going over to their home, bringing a small hostess gift is a nice gesture. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive - something as simple as a candle or a bottle of wine (check if they drink first) would do. This is an area where knowing their interests would really help bring the gift to the next level.

5) Don’t forget the rest of the family

While the parent approval is usually the most important, that doesn’t mean you ignore the rest of the family. You probably also have to spend time with and get to know their siblings, cousins, maiden aunt, creepy uncle, and even their crazy neighbors, so make sure to be nice to them as well!

6) Be yourself

Your significant other likes you enough to want to introduce you to their family, which means a lot. Trying too hard and pretending to be some ultra-perfect version of yourself will only lead to trouble, so stay honest and have fun! 

We hope these tips help you survive the holiday season! Party on, and don’t forget to be the best version of yourself that you can be!