Halloween Movies to Watch When You’re a Total Wimp

Some of us can’t handle having jump scares thrown at us every five seconds in horror movies, but that doesn’t mean we can’t watch a good movie. 

I will be the first to admit that I can’t sit through a horror movie without busting into a prayer and turning the movie right off. However, I do love watching Halloween themed movies that are suited for six-year-olds to watch with their parents.  
Halloweentown Series 

Debbie Reynolds, early 90’s nostalgia and some serious eye candy — this is not a pun! The entire Halloweentown series can be easily binged in a day and will not disappoint. 
Hocus Pocus 

The Sanderson sisters are the reason to love this hilarious movie. The three evil sisters and their weird antics keep viewers on edge throughout the course of the movie and make for a great watch. It helps that there’s a little side romance going on with the main character, Max, who is easily able to convey all the teenage angst I would feel if my parents moved me from sunny California to some haunted town. 
Edward Scissorhands 

Edward deserved so much better and that’s the tea, sister! This movie might have elements of Christmas in it, but nonetheless, its creepy aesthetic makes it work better as Halloween film. You surely will fall in love with Edward and his innocence by the end of the film.  
Addams Family 

If Gomez and Morticia’s relationship isn’t enough to make you love this movie, I don’t know what to tell you. Perhaps Christina Ricci playing the spooktastic Wednesday Addams could change your mind.  
Addams Family Values 

All I need to say for this Addams family extravaganza is that the summer camp lake scene is the absolute best. This gothic family will always leave you laughing with their hilarious antics. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas 

This movie should be watched on Nov. 1, because it’s the perfect movie to watch at the end of Halloween and the beginning of Christmas season. This movie is another Tim Burton masterpiece and homeboy knew how to deliver cinematic hits.  


Coraline is the scariest non-scary movie ever made. The ‘Other Mother’ made me want to cry every time she came onto the screen. Watch this movie at your own risk — but I swear even if it makes you piss your pants, this movie is worth the watch. 

Sweeney Todd 

This is a bloody musical — that's a pun. Johnny Depp will make you drool, even if he has an ugly skunk streak in his hair. ​


My boy Tim Burton came through again with this hilarious movie, which is not as scary as it seems. This movie features a crazy ghost and an even crazier dinner scene that makes me laugh out loud all the time.
These movies are perfect to get ready for the spooky season if you can’t handle the extreme blood and gore that comes along with traditional scary movies. I hope you’ll watch one of these amazing movies this month. Have a great Halloween!