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The Graduating Ladies of Her Campus Laurier

Her Campus has been the home to many incredible women who have made this club possible at Wilfrid Laurier University. Many of us are graduating and this is our way of showing the community the beautiful faces that have worked so hard and will be sadly leaving, but moving onto bigger and brighter adventures. Here are what our graduating ladies had to say about why we love Her Campus Laurier!


Mikhayla Rice- Campus Correspondent

I joined Her Campus two years ago after reading all of the amazing articles from the Laurier chapter. It was one of the best decisions I ever made, and through HC I was able to make 45 new friends!

Rachel Bolshin- Writer

I joined Her Campus because I love everything it stands for, and being free to express yourself any way you want surrounded by like-minded, super cool gals is a plus. My favourite memory has to be when I attended Her Conference in New York last summer, it was an experience I’ll never forget! What’s next for me? I took the LSAT so law school is definitely an option!

(Photo from left to right: Rachel Bolshin, Jenna Steadman, Mikhayla Rice, Zoey Richardson, Brooklyn Ramsey, Danielle Bazely)


Kristen Kennedy- Marketing Team Member

I joined Her Campus because I had friends that were on the team and was inspired to join through their positive feedback about their experience of being a part of the club. My favourite experience was the Her Campus event at the Turret. It was a lot of fun to experience all the planning for the event and see the hard work pay off with its success. After I graduate, I am going to Sheridan College to continue my education and passion for marketing in their post-graduate Marketing Management program to start in September!

Ashley Wood- Instagram Account Manager

I joined Her Campus because I heard nothing but good things from friends and fellow classmates that had previously joined Her Campus. I also thought that this would be a good opportunity to put my social media skills into action. My favourite part of Her Campus is coming up with fun posts that I know everyone that follows us will like! Nothing is more exciting than getting more and more likes for every picture that is posted. I plan to continue down the social media and marketing lane, hopefully putting what I have learned in Her Campus to use!

(Photo from left to right: Kristen Kennedy, Ashley Wood)

Olivia Di Pede- Style Blog Writer

I joined Her Campus in 2015 as a way to gain writing experience and connect with girls that had similar passions to myself. My favourite part about being a writer for this club was hearing feedback from readers and feeling like my advice was making a difference and inspiring other women. After graduation, I will be starting my first job as a full-time writer and I definitely have Her Campus to thank for that!


Alexandria Galli- Writer

I joined Her Campus this past year because a friend of mine who was already in the club encouraged me to join, and it was probably the best decision I ever made because I discovered I had a real passion for writing and interviewing amazing people. Her Campus allowed me to write about topics that interested me and I got to meet some really incredible people who were doing great things in the Laurier community. Being a part of Her Campus has opened so many doors and has motivated me to try new things. After graduation, I’ll be going to York U for teacher’s college and will hopefully be taking over their Her Campus chapter as their Campus Correspondent.



Zoey Richardson- Head of Advertising, Marketing and Events

I joined Her Campus as a way to get more involved on campus. I figured that joining a club filled with girls empowering girls and motivating each other through university would be more inspirational and fun compared to a subject or program based club. My favourite HC memory was our Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt! I spent countless hours creating and then hiding clues all over campus but seeing how much fun the team had was beyond worth it! After graduation I’m hoping to be employed full time! But my main plans are to spend time with friends, go to some fun country concerts, eat good food and just enjoy all the things life has to offer.


(Photo from left to right: Mikhayla Rice, Zoey Richardson)

Amy Santos- Event Planning Team Member    

I joined Her Campus because I wanted to get more involved in the Laurier community and meet new people. Her Campus gave me the opportunity to gain new experiences and get involved in event planning which is what I want to pursue in the future. My favourite experience as a member of Her Campus was being a part of the Turret event we ran. The event was really successful and I had a lot of fun that night with the other Her Campus ladies. It was nice seeing everyone dressed up and having a great time! My plans for the future include pursuing a post-grad degree in event management. I hope to be successful in my endeavours and am excited to see where my new journey takes me.

Hayley Budway- Writer                                                                  

I joined Her Campus because I thought it would be a great way to get involved, and meet new people. I had a friend who was on Her Campus, and she only ever had good things to say about it! My favourite memory was THE TURRET!! Plans for the future? I’ll let you know when I figure it out. Until then, I’ll try to keep making people laugh through my writing (hint, hint).

(Photo from left to right: Hayley Budway, Amy Santos)

Lauren Burnside- Writer

I joined Her Campus because I’ve always loved writing and wanted to share it with a like-minded community! When I read about Her Campus I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of during my time at Laurier. My favorite memory with Her Campus is all the meetings that would go way off topic and turn into quality time with a great group of people! I’ve learned so much from being a part of Her Campus Laurier and I know wherever I end up I will be bringing valuable experiences with me!



Brooklyn Ramsey- Writer, Marketing and Event Planning Team Member

I joined Her Campus because Zoey Richardson made me! Shout out to her because it was the best choice I ever made. The best Her Campus experience was most definitely Her Conference in NYC this past summer! My plans for the future are to move to Toronto and start work at Insight Global.



Bria Akomah- Writer and Event Planning Team Member

I joined Her Campus because I thought it was the perfect chance to express myself in various ways within the media industry. The whole idea of being surrounded by strong, creative and intelligent women is not only humbling but most importantly inspiring. My favourite part of Her Campus, I would say, would be the meetings. Even though they were mandatory I would get so excited to see how everyone was so passionate while pitching their ideas, whether it was for potential events or articles. It taught me to embrace other people and their ideas and to remain open to different types of opinions on various topics. Most importantly, the support from your peers was another thing that has left a memorable mark. I am planning to get into a post graduate program focusing on Public Relations after I graduate.



It is easy to see that Her Campus Laurier has inspired all of us to explore new avenues and find our hidden passions that we may not have known existed before. Her Campus has been a club where we have established a family between all of us. From stressing over pitches, technical issues, and planning fabulous events like our HC WLU Turret event, once the stress is over and we can all step back to see the masterpieces we have created, it is truly a wonderful family to be a part of. Who could have asked for a better group of strong, independent, and powerful women (+Luke, our Head Editor this year) that have constantly empowered and motivated each other to step out of our comfort zones and explore new ideas. On behalf of the graduating women of Her Campus Laurier, thank you for letting us all leave our marks here at Laurier and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for all of us and the club.

Stay sassy Collegiettes!

Signing off for now,

Alex Galli xoxo

Wilfrid Laurier University Alumna - BA Honours History & Minor in Sociology and Religion and Culture. York University B.Ed. Her Campus York U Campus Correspondent/ HSA Advisor/ Chapter Advisor.  When I'm not leading the team, advising, or writing you'll find me watching any and every reality T.V show or re-runs of Friends and Gilmore Girls. Semi-classy wine lady who thinks pineapple on pizza is a crime.
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