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Good Riddance January– Why February is So Refreshing

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January can be one of the hardest months to get through. The beginning of a new year, wanting to accomplish so many things yet getting stuck behind and the awful weather. I’ve personally always enjoyed the feeling of having January “over with”, allowing myself to move on to February.

No New Year’s Pressure

The hectic feeling after the holidays and New Year’s Eve is one that lasts for the first few weeks of January. There’s always a sense of pressure, especially across social media, to set New Year’s resolutions, begin journaling and overall, bettering yourself right from the get-go. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Allowing yourself to walk into the New Year at your pace is a favour to your mind, body and routine. Forcing a strict “that girl” routine has unfortunately become quite toxic and unattainable for many. If you aren’t aware, “that girl” has become a trend across social media, in particular TikTok, where women dedicate themselves to getting up early, working out every day, healthy eating, perfect skincare and ultimately, being productive. This may work for some, however, for the most part, this isn’t realistic. February allows us to appreciate new routines and resolutions if they fit, in a gentler manner than January does. 

Only 28 Days

Another reason I love February is that it’s the shortest month of the year! There’s something about the simplicity of the 28 days that February brings. Similar to the last point, there’s a relief of pressure with fewer days in the month. 28 days equal to exactly four weeks, meaning if there’s a monthly goal or habit you want to begin, this is the month to do it! Be patient with yourself and what you want to attain yet hold yourself accountable this month. Not for anyone else, or to become “that girl”, but for you. The good news is: if the month doesn’t go as well as you’d hoped, it’ll be done before you know it!

More light

One of the hardest parts about winter, especially January, is the darkness. Although February is still a bit dark, we do get a few more hours of daylight before it gets dark. The extra bit of light throughout the day does more than we know for our mental health as February gradually brings us into spring.

Valentine’s Day

February dedicates a day to celebrate your love with someone, which may be a controversial idea to some. I know it’s a common thought to dislike Valentine’s Day (especially if you’re single), but if that’s you, just remember that all the chocolate and candy goes on sale on the 15th.

Overall, you either love January or you can’t wait for it to be done. In my case, I appreciate the beginning of the year and the chance to start fresh, but I’ve come to enjoy February much more throughout the years. Be patient with yourself and release the pressure that January has put on you this February. 


Olivia Egan

Wilfrid Laurier '23

Third year Psychology student at WLU
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