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Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other’s Parents

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I find that buying Christmas gifts sometimes comes with lots of pressure depending on the recipient. When it comes to someone you’re dating, getting something for their parents can often be quite tricky. You don’t want to go overboard, but also don’t want something too small. Over my two-year relationship, I’ve accumulated a small list of great gift ideas for a significant other’s parents.

favourite sports team merchandise

Every dad has a favourite sports team. Although official sports apparel can be quite expensive, you can get other pieces of merchandise at a great price! For example, if his favourite team is the Toronto Maple Leafs, rather than buying an $80 hoodie, you could find coasters, beer koozies or even slippers for much cheaper!


I’ve never met a mom who doesn’t love candles. These are a great classic gift that can be paired with some chocolate, baked goods or a pair of cozy socks. I’d recommend getting a very subtle scent such as “clean cotton” from Yankee Candle unless you’re sure they’d enjoy a sweet or fruity scent. Bonus: Bath and Body Works often has sales on their 3-wick candles, so sign up for their email list for updates!

digital family portrait

As small businesses are all the rage right now, I’m sure you’ve seen digital portraits that are made based on a picture. I think this is the perfect gift for your significant other’s parents, as a thoughtful gift from the heart. Various sellers on Etsy offer different styles of these portraits. It’s a simple as sending in a family picture, and they’ll create a beautiful and unique print.


If you’re looking for something smaller, mugs are a great option! I’ve seen so many cute mugs on Etsy that can be personalized to the receiver, or you can go for some more generic designs at HomeSense or Amazon. Last year, I got my boyfriend’s dad a mug from Etsy that’s designed as a police uniform, and he uses it almost every day before work! If you share an inside joke or you have a special picture you’d like to print on a mug, there are options for those on Etsy as well.


The gift of an experience is always so exciting compared to a tactile option. It’s super easy yet very meaningful! A few options could be a gift card to the movies, a date night gift card to their favourite restaurant, or even paying for them to attend a cooking or an art class! This would not only provide a fun occasion for them but also allow them to make some great memories.

Despite what you’re planning on giving your significant other’s parents, remember the holidays are about so much more than gift-giving! Simply spending time with your loved ones will show them more than a gift could. Happy holidays!


Olivia Egan

Wilfrid Laurier '23

Third year Psychology student at WLU
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