The Funniest — and Most Common — Misconceptions That Men Have About Women

Women are a complicated and mysterious species. Do you know what else is complicated and mysterious? Penises. And I’ll be the first to admit that men know a lot more about that topic than myself and other women. But why is it that men seem to believe they have women all figured out and know us better than we even know ourselves? With this kind of attitude, it is no surprise that wild and hilarious misconceptions about women have been brought forward from the minds of men.

Fortunately, I have come forward to seek out the best-of-the-best of these misconceptions and explain the truth of them (so guys, listen up). 

We only eat salads. 

Okay but guys, seriously? For some reason, there are men who truly seem to believe that women’s diets only consist of salads, green smoothies and other low-cal foods. While this may be true to some women, I know first-hand that there are women out there that can scarf down a full pizza and wings without breaking a sweat. Whether or not they admit it, women like to eat too!

The period confusion.

One thing men seem to think they know everything, but also want to hear nothing about, is our period. No, the whole female race does not experience their period all at the same time. No, they do not only last one day; they can range from three to seven days, depending on the individual. And to all the boyfriends out there: yes you can still get pregnant while having sex during her period. 

We want to be a housewife. 

To some, being a housewife or stay-at-home mom may be the dream to some women; others have a completely different idea. Men should definitely not conclude that all women find this their ideal future. Especially in today’s age, more and more women are striving to find their own success, make their own money and work towards a stable career. 

Women don’t want/like sex.

Typically, it is assumed that men have a greater desire for sex than women. And to be honest, it isn’t that surprising since some men are serious horn-dogs. But that doesn’t mean women can’t want some action too! Women are socially looked at differently than men when it comes to frequently having sex though, making women more inclined to not openly express this. 

Now that some of the misconceptions have been cleared, here’s to hoping men take this information and spread the word! As for us women, continue being your best self and live your life to the fullest, sis!