Flipp, an App for the Savvy Student Shopper

Being a student with a hectic schedule and limited funds can be challenging, especially when you’re trying to eat healthy and stay within your budget. Usually, we run quickly into the grocery store and grab whatever we see, often junky choices that we pay too much for. We can’t all be extreme couponers like the pros that grace the screen of TLC; nobody has time for that. However, new apps like Flipp are making it easier to get what you need at the store and not break the bank. 

Flipp is a free app for iPhones and Androids that allows you to look through hundreds of flyers in your area and find the best deals. Flipp also allows you to create a shopping list right in the app and it will match up the best prices for the products you want to buy. You can have favourite flyers set and search for stores and products. Flipp also allows you to search for products based on percentage off so you know how good of a deal you are actually getting when you hit up the store. It is easy to ‘cut’ deals out and save them for easy access,  allowing you to price match at certain stores and make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

Creating a shopping list before you hit the aisles allows you to really think about what you are buying, instead of acting on your impulse to buy mass amounts of cookie dough and other delicious things that you definitely don’t need. It also has the ability to get you cooking. Planning out the ingredients you need before you go to the store ensures that you won’t forget anything and are therefore more likely to actually cook it. Most of the time students find they are too busy to go to the store and cook. However if you go and do all the prep before you go it is simply a matter of following through with your plans.

Sustainability is another benefit to using Flipp, instead of having to rummage through a large pile of flyers that won’t be recycled properly. With Flipp, you are able to look not only at numerous grocery flyers, but you can save the planet and browse on Flipp like you would any flyer. Many students don’t receive newspapers,so paperless options have become more and more popular over traditional printed versions. Not only is it less cluttered, but it dramatically cuts down on paper waste and lowers your carbon footprint.

Overall, Flipp is a very smart and easy to use app that allows you to plan out your shopping experience without having to deal with tons of paper flyers while you are shopping, which saves you both time and money!