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Even though I’m a March baby, October is definitely my favourite month of the year. Fall is officially in full swing: the leaves are beautiful shades of red, orange and gold, Thanksgiving plans are underway and the prospect of Halloween is already making me anxious to start costume-hunting. I do have a couple of midterms just around the corner, and while studying is important, I refuse to let the stress ruin this season for me. So, I’ve made a list of five things I (and you) absolutely must try this month to get into the fall spirit, right in the Waterloo area!

1. Spirit Season  

The Homer Watson House and Gallery is hosting Spirit Season from October 14th to October 28th with a variety of different activities for everyone. According to astrology, October is supposed to be a rocky month for quite a few of the signs; but don’t fret, because you can book a one-on-one reading with a psychic of your choice! Or, if you’d like a painting session where you can bring your nightmares straight to the canvas, register for a Nocturne Painting Class. Finally, take a trip to Spirit Market and grab some treats and trinkets for the upcoming spooky season!

2. Good Family Pumpkin Farm

The Good Family Pumpkin Farm is open until October 31st and has a selection of 20 different pumpkin varieties. I didn’t even know there were multiple variations of pumpkins until I heard about the Good Family Farm. Whether you need to bake some fall-themed treats, carve a spooky jack-o’-lantern or take a cute picture for Instagram, this farm has all the pumpkins you could need.

3. Oktoberfest

If you’re planning on attending the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest, hurry and buy your tickets, as the event will last only until October 14th! If Huge Bavarian feasts, German beers and block parties are your thing, Oktoberfest is the place to be. This Bavarian feast includes special dishes for 2023, including German schnitzel, Oktoberfest sausage, sauerkraut and spaetzle. If you’re going to Oktoberfest, get ready to drink and parade in the streets of Waterloo! 

4. A Killer Night at THEMUSEUM

If you’re a murder mystery fanatic or if you’ve seen Sherlock one too many times, you need to go see A Killer Night in Kitchener and help solve “The Murder of Muskoka.” On October 20th, Daniel Druff’s body was found in his Muskoka cabin. Everyone, including his maid, his girlfriend, his friends and the guests, are suspects in the case. Everyone, even you, has a motive. So, can you trust your fellow guests and find the killer before they strike again?

5. Bingeman’s Screampark

Last, but most certainly not least, is Bingeman’s Screampark in Kitchener. If you are a Halloween fanatic and are ready for a good scare, Bingeman’s is your place. Their website advises anyone who scares easily or has any heart condition to avoid this event, so be warned! The park takes you through six different horrifying attractions, from the Crypt of Terror to the Slaughter Shed, and ends the night at the Blood Bar. This attraction isn’t for everyone, but if you enjoy voluntarily putting yourself through some of your worst nightmares, this one might just be for you!

Bhavya Jagdev

Wilfrid Laurier '25

Bhavya is a third-year BBA student at Wilfrid Laurier University. She loves to read (her favourite genres are fantasy and mystery) and spend a little too much money at Starbucks. She also enjoys travelling, spending time with her friends and family and (of course) writing.