Female Television Characters that are Basically Superheroes

Television has the power to bring characters that we love and adore to life! Not only do we fall in love with some, but we learn lessons from them as well. Modern television highlights the struggles that are faced in today’s society and often helps to remind us to stand up for what we believe in. Here’s a list of some bad-ass television babes — and why they are basically superheroes.

Olivia Pope – Scandal 

Olivia Pope is easily one of the most badass TV characters. She is smart, determined and incredibly hard working. She goes for what she wants and has the ability to inspire others around her. She really is a gladiator!

Brooke Davis – One Tree Hill

 Oh, B Davis. Easily every girl’s role model that grew up (or binged at a later date) watching One Tree Hill. The angsty teen cheerleader, who later became a badass entrepreneur and never had a problem standing up for what she believed in. Brooke always owned who she was and never apologized for it. Brooke Davis is the friend we always wished we had through high school.

Jessica Pearson – Suits

Jessica is well-respected, runs a prestigious law firm (name on the door!) and doesn’t let anyone get in her way of getting shit done. As the business badass she is, she proves that being a woman can’t stop her from breaking that glass ceiling down, being a total inspiration for girls and women everywhere.

Christina Yang – Grey’s Anatomy

Christina Yang was a total badass from the very beginning of Grey’s Anatomy. She is brilliant, determined and even refers to herself as the “cardio God.” She will tell you as it is and knows exactly what she is worth. She is loyal, trustworthy, and so much more. Christina Yang is, dare I even say … our person.

Meredith Grey – Grey’s Anatomy

Speaking about Grey’s and being our person, how could I not mention Meredith Grey?

Meredith has dealt with more shit than anyone could even imagine in their life time. From placing her hand on a bomb, almost drowning, plane crash, losing her husband — and so much more — Meredith Grey is a total badass. Meredith is hard working and shows us how she far she has grown since stepping into the show as a young intern.

Mindy Lahiri – The Mindy Project

Mindy has the self-confidence that we all strive for. She knows when she is looking cute, feeling cool and is a doctor that supports women and their fertility. She is boy-crazy and obsessed with reality TV and never apologizes for who she is.

Blair Waldorf – Gossip Girl

 Blair Waldorf was THE boss-ass-bitch of the Upper East side. Though she may often be questionable, she does have a soft side to her. She is never afraid to speak her mind, is insanely driven and is brutally honest. 

There are so many badass female characters, it’s hard to only pick a few! These are just some of TV’s most influential characters that continue to inspire viewers all around the world.