Fall Date Ideas

Does the suddenly cooler weather have you stumped for date ideas with your significant other?  Have no fear, fall time is actually the BEST time to have super fun and unique dates with your other half!  Just keep reading to find out everything to do and see during a day or night out with your BOO (get it?).

1. Go Pumpkin/Apple Picking

Pumpkin and apple picking is definitely a fall staple that every couple needs to do in their lifetime!  Head to your local pumpkin/apple picking farms and have a blast picking out your treats with your other half.  After you’ve done the picking, you can head over to one of your places and whip up some tasty goodies!  Pumpkin pie?  Apple strudel?  The possibilities are endless, and oh so delicious!   


2. Have a Picnic in the Park

Picnics aren’t just a summer trend, my friends. Fall is the best time to try out a cute cozy picnic with your significant other. Grab a blanket, your fave fall jacket, and fill your picnic basket up with goodies. Make sure to pack a thermos of hot cocoa, apple cider or tea, and some light snacks. If you’re feeling extra fancy, bring along some candles for a festive candlelight picnic in the park after dark!

3. Try Pumpkin Carving

With Halloween right around the corner, you’re gonna need some help carving the perfect scary pumpkin. Let your BF/GF in on the fun and set up a cute carving station at one of your houses! Bust out your best tools and get creative by checking out some cool stencil art online to make carving super simple.

4. Head to a Haunted House

Fall is by far the spookiest time of the year, with Halloween thrown into the mix. Just find a local haunted house or haunted corn maze and prepare to have a super fun night of scares. This is the perfect date to cuddle up next to your boo-thang and let them know how scared you are ;)

5. Have a Bonfire

With the weather cooling down, bonfires are the perfect way to hang out with your bae and have some super yummy s’mores at the same time.It’s totally a win-win! Light the fire, roast your marshmallows, and have a relaxing night next to the fireside, letting nature be your soundtrack. This idea is super chill and you can OD on s’mores all night long.Score!

6. Go on a Coffee Date

Best way to spend a fall day? Drinking PSLs of course! Head to your local Starbucks with your bae and try out all the pumpkin spice-infused goodies! You can even take your coffees and treats on a cute nature trail for a cozy afternoon walk.

7. Go Camping

What better way to break in the fall weather than a cute camping date? Grab a tent, some food, and you’re good to go!You and your significant other will have the best night sleeping under the stars and you can do fun camping activities, like having a campfire! Why not fall-ify this idea even more and roast some pumpkin seeds as a snack- yum!

I hope these ideas help you out next time you’re planning a fall date with your bae- all the best! XO