Everything You Need to Know About the Full Moon in Leo

Around 2:30 a.m. EST on Sunday, February 9th, 2020, the moon will become full in Leo! This full moon marks the completion of the lunar cycle and reaps results from projects, finished ideas and realized visions. Any developing movements from July 2019’s end-of-month new moon in Leo are wrapping up now; the new changes that began to manifest in midsummer of last year are reaching their final form. Maybe an artistic project or relationship that helped you to deepen your understanding of yourself has run its course.

The theme of this full moon is all about self-care! Check in with yourself. If you’ve been exerting a little too much energy on the boring stuff, use this opportunity to reel in your focus and make sure you’re okay too. Now is a good time to get your hair done, go for a facial or do whatever you need to do to feel pampered.

The spotlight of the moon on proud Leo encourages emotional transparency with those close to you. If you feel as though you’ve drifted from your close friends or family over the past month, send them a sincere text to let them know they’re appreciated. However, the opposition between the sun in Aquarius and the moon in Leo creates a little tension in self-expression. Be careful with your word choice as certain opinions, especially political or philosophical ones, may come off as egotistical. Remember that it’s always best to listen; speak to everyone with the knowledge that they have something to teach you.

The moon is trine with both Mars and Uranus, creating a harmonious blend of action and change. Having just moved out of sensitive Cancer two days prior, this lunar event will be a burst of confidence and energy to counter the emotional exhaustion that will flood the end of the week. Time to visualize your desires and yank yourself out of the lull that’s plagued this whole month! Go out and get it!

Here’s how this full moon will affect each sign!


With fellow fire sign Leo occupying the moon and your own sign inhabiting Venus, you’ll be feeling wild and bored with love. It’s likely you’ll be seeking validation in your relationships, which might make you uncomfortable given your strong sense of independence. Instead of viewing this as a moment of weakness, try to slow down and observe your own patterns; wait it out, then decide if you want to confess your feelings.


It’s okay to recognize your own achievements! And you should, you deserve it! You’ve been working hard over the past six months and the results are in – you’re doing amazing, sweetie. Channel this moon’s energy by taking the opportunity to brag a little and reflect on your greatness by updating your resume with the highlights of your accomplishments. You’re settling back into a comfortable routine after feeling uprooted for the past few months. You did it! Let yourself be comfy now.


Ever the shapeshifter, you’ve adapted to the recent small-scale shifts in your life just as smoothly as the large-scale ones. Now that you’re at the other end of the tunnel, take a second to recalibrate. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in the process of change that you forget to slow down and reflect on everything that’s happened! There’s a lesson to be learned here that you might be missing. It’s healthy to let your guard down every once in a while.


Now is a good time to take the next step towards expanding career horizons and pursuing financial plans. You have a knack for turning dimes into dollars, so use this time to get creative with your money making. Communication skills towards other people will be heightened for the next few days, so take advantage! Look into going to networking events or build your relationships with possible references; it will be well received and your mentors will be happy to help.


Don’t be surprised if the full moon in your sign is affecting your emotions a little more than usual! Lean on your close friends or family members for support; odds are you have a lot of ranting to do. You’re a fiercely loyal person to those that you love and trust, and now is the time to turn to your pack; you’re feeling a little lonely and some socializing would be good for you. In light of the full moon, take some time to rearrange or redecorate your room to make it more personalized – a makeover is overdue.


The creative power of the full moon is affecting you more than other signs! You’re inspired and now is the time to act on your ideas and start a new project now that your more recent one has begun to wrap up. Precision and consistency are some of your specialties so be sure to make a blueprint of your intentions before you set out to create a clear goal for yourself. Rest assured if you’re taking a gamble in either work or love; luck is on your side.


You will find yourself becoming especially useful to those around you right now. Take time to devote yourself to others by being there for your friends, committing random acts of kindness or any other way you can lend your compassion to others. Your mediation skills will come in handy soon and a friend might turn to you for empathy and advice. You are a source of peace and calmness for everyone around you! Expect a positive turn in your love life as this full moon radiates certainty onto you; your confidence is very attractive.


You’re worn out after some recent drama causing you to reassess your relationships. Look at it as a positive opportunity for growth; people showing their true colors helps you sort through who is worthy of your time and who you may need to let go of. It’s a great time to begin anew with fresh prospects. The creative and self-oriented vibe of the moon will help you visualize your ideal social life. Strike up a conversation with a new acquaintance and see what you learn.


Feeling feisty? With the moon in fiery Leo and Mars in your own sign, your emotions and physicality are proving to be a restless combination. More than usual, you are itching to get out of your usual environment and discover something new and exciting – likely a new relationship. If you’re single, venture out of your normal scope to meet new people, maybe by planning a night out with friends. If you’re in a relationship, try something new and fun with your partner that challenges you both. The bigger the adrenaline rush, the better.


It might feel like you’ve got a lot going on right now. Feelings of confusion and indecision will be prominent and definitely irritating to your strong-willed character, but don’t freak out! Turn this into productive energy and use it to start on a spiritual journey; you are seeking a deeper meaning to your life right now. Someone close to you has been waiting for you to share your thoughts and feelings and although this may seem daunting, don’t be scared. It may bring you closer together.


You may be acknowledging a growing consciousness for your reputation and how you appear to other people. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You’re getting noticed and people respect you for your level and equitable manner. Seek recognition for your talents! Play your cards right and your career will be thriving. If you have been considering a big leap or a possible travel journey, now is the time to set things into motion.


The conjunction between Mercury and Neptune in your sign is creating a gorgeous blend of communication and idealism, and fearless Leo occupying the moon will be the creative confidence boost to get you going! Right now, you are able to express your ideas, emotions and aspirations in a dynamic way and the trail you are blazing will be super inspiring to onlookers. Your forming path is becoming crystal clear and now you just have to assert yourself and begin. It’s your time to shine!

So, keep an eye out for the full moon on February 9th! The planets will be in a great spot to realize your dreams and take action. Leos – enjoy your spotlight!


Authors Note: the content of this article is subject to the postulations and opinions of the author. Calculations courtesy of Cafe Astrology (https://cafeastrology.com).