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Hello fellow swifties,

I had intended to write my opinions and thoughts on Taylor Swift’s second surprise album of 2020 closer to the release. That being said, I wasn’t expecting this album at the beginning of exam season, so I apologize for being late to the partay (pun intended).

A lot of Taylor Swift content has been generated since we last spoke – the long pond studio sessions on Disney+, the willow music video, all in addition to a sister album to folklore (i.e. evermore). Let’s discuss the new evermore album, as well as the willow music video.

For much of evermore (as was the same with the folklore album), I had a hard time connecting the song titles to the songs themselves. However, I really enjoy the overall vibe of the two albums together, and I’d like to discuss my favourite tracks thus far.


As you may or not be aware, “Marjorie” was inspired by Taylor’s late grandmother who was an opera singer in the 50’s and 60’s. While Taylor reminisces on memories with her grandmother in the lyrics, her collaborator, Aaron, was able to incorporate Marjorie Finlay’s actual voice in the song after Taylor’s mother had found vinyl records while decluttering.  The lyric video includes footage of Marjorie Finlay and is a really sweet keepsake.

If I listen too closely to this song, I cry. Every time. And I will forevermore.

My favourite lyric from this track is “never be so kind you forget to be clever, never be so clever you forget to be kind”.

‘tis the damn season

Somehow, I’m not surprised that Taylor Swift wrote this track in the middle of the night and wine-drunk during the long pond studio recording sessions. Essentially, it’s about contacting an ex-lover during the holidays when you’re back in your hometown for a short period of time.

no body, no crime

This was easily my favourite of the album off the bat. It was inspired by true crime documentaries and featured the names and voices of the HAIM sisters. It is easy to identify with the sirens in the opening beats of the song, and it has a compelling storyline that forces you to listen closely and wrap your mind around the characters.  Also, I can’t help but feel like the Starbucks lovers of the 1989 era might enjoy going to Olive Garden on Tuesday nights for dinner and a glass of wine.

right where you left me & take me back

These songs were released for streaming four weeks after the album was released as bonus tracks. Unlike folklore’s bonus track, ‘the lakes’, you won’t need a dictionary to understand these tracks. They’re really catchy and remind me of the café in the music video ‘Mine’ and the frozen Taylor in the ‘Out of the Woods’ music video.


How could I not mention “willow”?  This song is clearly one of Taylor’s favourites since she released several remixes of the single after the album release. Feeling like a lonely witch? Taylor’s got you covered. Are you feeling like a dancing witch? Covered again.

I love how “willow” directly connects the evermore album to the folklore album through the opening shot of the music video. Also, the music video is like jumping into Neverland.

long story short

It’s catchy and upbeat, despite being about struggling.  I had to read the lyrics to realize it wasn’t all about July.

These are just a few songs that I particularly enjoy. Honourable mentions go to “cowboy like me”, “champagne problems”, “closure” and the song “evermore” featuring Bon Iver.  The evermore album contains seventeen songs, and I hope you are able to listen to the album in full since I can’t really do the hour-long album justice in one article.  There are so many different stories weaved into the album, and I hope it helps you escape the current situation.

I’d love to chat about your favourite lyrics, tracks and theories behind the two albums! If you missed my discussion on the original surprise album of 2020, you can read my first thoughts on folklore here. I’d also love to draw your attention to Sophia’s article recommending evermore & folklore song pairings.

Yours Truly,

Your neighbourhood swiftie

Loral Christie

Wilfrid Laurier '21

Loral is a recent graduate of business and financial math at Laurier. When she is not laughing at math puns, she enjoys running 10k's, analyzing Taylor Swift lyrics and photography. You can probably find her at the local Dairy Queen buying another ice cream cake.
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