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Essays. We all have to write them at one point or another, and no matter what, they don’t go as planned. We end up a ball of stress on the floor with no clue what we just handed in.

Here is the process of writing an essay, as told through gifs.

You get pumped for the essay ‘cause this time it’s not gonna be like before … this time you’ve got something to say. 

Then you sit down and realize that this is not the case. So, you try to summon the information you learned and remember what your prof said.

Now somewhere, somehow you find an idea and work with that. Then you start to get into a good swing. You feel like you’re kicking ass until you look back and reread what you wrote.

This is when you realize you need a drink.

Then your friends try to convince you to come out with them and they call you a bummer.

So now you’ve got FOMO and you have to write this paper.

And of course, you’ve got to face your very real procrastination problem.

When you reread what you’ve got, and it still doesn’t make sense.

So, you think that maybe you should just slide your prof some $$.

But of course, that’s just a bad idea all around. So, you resort to upping your caffeine intake.

Because really, who needs sleep, right?

Then you get closer to the end and realize you are nowhere near the word count.

As it reaches the deadline you think maybe you should risk the 3%. But you get it in barely on time and you feel like you’re on top the world.


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