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With the holiday season officially here, it’s a perfect time to get festive with some new nail designs. If you’re looking for inspiration beyond just a red and green manicure, look no further! Here are eight holiday-themed nail designs for you to try this month.

Sweater Weather

This first one is more of a combination of fall and winter nails. I’ve seen so many TikToks of nail designs that look exactly like the texture of knitted sweaters. Plus, you can even pair this with some plaid and/or golden glittery “stitches” to make the design even more festive!

White Ombre

I’ve seen the nude-to-white ombre nails a lot during the summer, but I think they double as a winter nail design, too! They remind me of frost creeping up the trees in the winter. This is another more winter-inspired (less Christmas-y) nail design if you aren’t ready to fully commit to the holidays just yet! Or, if the harsh ombre look isn’t for you, you can trade this for a simple milky nails manicure.

Champagne Snowflakes

Another simple, and more wintery, nail design is a pretty champagne colour. Paired with a few white snowflake stickers, this makes for a cute and clean set. Or, if the champagne base is too much, you can choose to draw out the snowflakes on nude nails instead!

Bold Blue

Alternatively, if you want to add a pop of colour to your nails, try a bright, deep blue set of nails. A simple chrome blue set looks elegant and trendy. Or, if you would like more flair, consider blue French tips or some reflective polish, for sparkly nails you won’t be able to look away from!

Classic Red

If you just can’t let go of the red nail theory, you’re not alone! I don’t feel like myself without my dark cherry nails. If you want to make your go-to set a little more festive, switch things up by using reflective polish. Or, add some gold glitter around the edges of your nails to add just a little bit of Christmas spirit.

Christmas Cat Eye

I became obsessed with the cat eye design during Halloween. My Halloween nails were a sparkly red cat eye with a black base; I’m still obsessed with them! Plus, the number of compliments I’ve received on these nails is insane. If you want more Christmas and less Halloween, though, I recommend getting the same design but with a deep, emerald green polish. I promise, you’ll fall in love with this design!

Santa’s Hat Frenchies

This is another design I’ve seen all over TikTok. Get red French tips and turn them into little Santa hats sitting on the tips of your nails. This is a super cute and minimal design but it’s still very festive! It’s one I’m definitely going to try!

Candy Canes

Finally, I couldn’t finish this list without mentioning candy cane inspired nails! But instead of the red, green and white diagonal stripes that you’re thinking of, try a stripy French manicure. This can even be combined with some tiny candy cane drawings done on a fully nude base.

Bhavya Jagdev

Wilfrid Laurier '25

Bhavya is a second-year BBA student at Wilfrid Laurier University. She loves to read (her favourite genres are fantasy and mystery) and spend a little too much money at Starbucks. She also enjoys travelling, spending time with her friends and family and (of course) writing.