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If we are being honest, at one point or another in the pandemic, we have all needed a drink here and there. My roommates and I lost our way at the start of the semester without the ability to go to parties and bars. However, we ended up making the most out of the situation and found some fun games to play in our house that ended up being more fun than going to a bar! Here is a list of the best drinking games to play in and out of a pandemic that every student should know!

Kings Cup

Starting off with a classic! Kings Cup is the life of the party. Start by placing one cup in the centre of the table and circle the cup with a deck of cards faced down. Each player starts by pouring a bit of their drink into the centre cup. Each player one by one picks up a card from the pile and plays the game, makes the rule or takes the drink. Essentially, each card has a different meaning, game or idea for it. I will list the meanings I have for each down below. However, mine are pretty controversial as I leave out some classics like seven-heaven, never have I ever and thumb master, but I promise you these categories are the best way to play! To win the game, you must have fun and be laughing the whole time, a.k.a., there are no winners, there are only losers. The loser is the individual who picks up the last King card from the deck and must drink the entire contents of the centre cup.

A – Waterfall

2 – Two for you (give to someone)

3 – Three me (drink three times)

4 – Whores (all female players drink)

5 – Rule

6 – Dicks (all male players drink)

7 – 7 times table

8 – Date

9 – Rhyme

10 – Categories

J – Viking

Q – Question master

K – Kings cup

Fuck the Dealer

This is such a good game if you are looking to get quite drunk, LOL. One person starts as the dealer with the entire deck in their hand. The dealer starts by asking the person to their left to guess the top card. After they guess, the dealer will tell them higher or lower. The person will have one more try to guess the top card of the deck. If they guess correctly on the first try, the dealer drinks ten times. If they guess correctly on the second try, the dealer drinks five times. However, if the guesser doesn’t guess the card correctly, they must drink the difference between the card they guessed and the top card of the deck! The dealer must get three people in a row who cannot guess the top card correctly, then they are able to pass the deck on to the next person. Every top card at the end of each guessing period must be placed face up in order on the table. Towards the end of the game, all cards will be shown, pretty much securing the fact that the dealer will have to drink a lot of alcohol.


Picolo is the easiest drinking game to play on this list. It is a game that is completely free on the app store! You can buy different versions of gameplay within the app, but the normal deck is so much fun in itself. This game is a 10/10! I recommend it, as it involves no cleanup!


For speedball, you will need six red solo cups and two ping pong balls. Put three cups in a line on each corner of the table. A team consists of opposite corners of the table, not the corner beside you. You and your partner across the table are trying to get rid of your six cups in total before the team on the other corners do. Each team starts throwing their one ping pong ball at the opposite corner’s line of cups at the same time. Once a ball gets into the cup, the player must drink the cup until it’s empty, flip the cup, make sure it lands and then continue shooting, (hence why I refer to speedball as beer pong + flip cup). Again, the winning team is the team that is able to hit all the cups, down them the fastest and flip with the most accuracy!


I don’t know if this is the correct name for this game but allow me to explain. There are two teams of two, with one member on each side of the table. Players on each team take turns throwing a ping pong ball at the target, a beer can, which is set up on each side of the table near the ledge in the centre. But you can use literally anything as the target especially if you don’t have good aim, (my friends and I used tins of paint)! Use what you have like soup cans, mugs, shampoo or whatever acts as a big enough target for your ping pong ball to bounce off of! In the middle of the table, there is an empty red solo cup. When the ping pong ball bounces off the target and goes flying across the room, it is the opposite team member’s job to chug their drink while the rival team runs around to grab the ping pong ball and place it back inside the red solo cup in the centre of the table. Once the ping pong ball is back in the red solo cup, the player must stop chugging their drink. The winning team is the team who finishes their drink first! You must aim accurately and hope it goes somewhere far so you have more time to chug.

That concludes my list of drinking games that every student should know! Try them out with your roommates and let me know which one is your favourite. REMEMBER to drink responsibly during these games and in the pandemic. Know your limit and stay within it and don’t be going to parties and large gatherings! Have fun, stay safe and get drinking!


Maya Allen

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Maya is a third-year communications major and global studies minor. Her passions include traveling, helping others, staying active, cooking and Harry Styles.
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