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Do You Really “Hate” Taylor Swift? Or are You Just Intimidated by Her Success?

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When discussing someone thriving and successful in pretty much every aspect of life, I can imagine how hard it would be for people to accept the reality wholeheartedly. Taylor Swift has a net worth of 1.1 billion dollars and 12 Grammys, all while giving the U.S. economy a 5.7 billion dollar boost at the end of the nationwide portion of her tour. Yes, her lifestyle is a lot to take in, but to me, what’s not hard to take in and appreciate is what an amazing life she has made for herself. My favourite part about listening to people bash Taylor is the initial approach to the conversation, which always ends up sounding like a form of whining, with a salty taste in their mouth as it’s spoken. While I listen to the raging sound of toxic masculinity from a boy who has the mindset of well… a boy, I just think to myself, “If you’re intimidated by her success, just say that” (also, if you’re insecure, just say that). Now, I’m not expecting everyone to be waiting at midnight for her next re-released album to come out and I’m not going to sit here and attempt to convert you into a Swiftie, but the respect for Ms. Swift, and undeniably successful people is not only necessary, it’s due.

When it comes to the reality of being intimidated by a strong woman, it’s more than just a Taylor Swift issue; it’s a societal issue. One of the key things that I think men struggle with when being faced with those who are thriving is accepting the duality of someone embracing their femininity and vulnerability while still remaining powerful. It’s apparent to me that in today’s world, it’s difficult for men to understand that they don’t have to be so rough around the edges and put up this overly masculine and tough front just to be respected. The days of being a “man’s man” are no longer needed, and I truly think men feel the need to “hate” Taylor Swift just to fit in, just as much as girls feel the need to post a haul on their private stories when something new comes in the mail. I feel like I’m someone who values others’ opinions when they’re valid, but I’ll that say that it’s hard for me to validate an opinion that only consists of the phrase “she’s overhyped.” So, let’s stop normalizing hating every song you hear of hers (I know you know the oldies), and respect the hustle, just like we do with your idols.

Whether you like her music or not, or just seem to find her unlikeable for some reason, I see her as someone who exudes an amount of passion, inspiration and drive that most people could only dream of having. Growing up, I’d always found myself to be someone who had a lot of passion for the things I got myself involved in. Nothing was done at less than 100 percent. Yet, although I felt like I was giving my all at everything I did, there were always the people who felt inclined to deem me as “too much,” argued that what I loved to do was undeserving instead of appreciating what I was doing or frankly just not staying in their own lane. Looking back on those people who passed quickly through my life (thank God), I no longer see them as people who thought I was unworthy, but rather as people who were intimidated by my success. So maybe my underlying reason for having so much love and respect for Taylor Swift is because I (humbly) think I can relate to her, as a lot of us overachieving girlies do. I think one of my favourite Taylor quotes is, “I want to have a sharp pen, thin skin and an open heart.” To me, this unpopularly opinionated quote means that no matter what happens in your life, what obstacles come your way, career-wise, relationship-wise or just overall life-wise, it’s time we stop being afraid of sharing our opinions, even if they’re unpopular. Realize that it’s important to keep our brains (pens) fresh with new ideas and knowledge, leaving our skin thin and vulnerable enough to be emotionally available to create new experiences for ourselves and leaving our hearts open, receptive and secure enough to appreciate someone who is at their peak… even if it pains you a little inside.

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Gracee Zagordo

Wilfrid Laurier '26

Hi, I'm Gracee! I'm a second-year Political Science major in the Sussex Program. My dream is to live out my Legally Blonde fantasy (even though I'm brunette) and attend law school next year in Brighton, England, at the University of Sussex. I'm a sucker for a rom-com, anything Taylor Swift and the Christmas season in my small town. I love to write about my personal experiences with school, relationships and life in general, so feel free to stick around!