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Disney Christmas Movies You Totally Forgot About but Definitely Need to Watch

This article is in no way sponsored by Disney. I am just a hoe for some good Christmas cartoons.

It’s that time of year again, folks. Christmas is right around the corner and with Disney+ chilling on my phone like a shiny new toy, it’s got me thinking about those good old Disney Christmas cartoons I watched growing up. The more I thought about it, the more movies I remembered, and I have helpfully split this list into “Available on Disney+” and “Not Available on Disney+” so you don’t need to get emotionally attached to the movies that are hard to find like I did.

Okay, let’s just hop in.

Available on Disney+

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas

This movie is made up of three short films, all of which are excellent: Huey, Dewey and Louie wish for it to be Christmas every day; Goofy works to convince his son Max that Santa does exist; and Mickey and Minnie try to get each other the perfect gift.

Each short has its own Christmas message that will get you feeling all warm and cozy.

Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas

The sequel to my previous entry. This is another anthology film with a number of Christmas stories to enjoy: Minnie and Daisy have a skating competition; Huey, Dewey and Louie journey to the North Pole after landing themselves on the naughty list; Max brings his girlfriend home for the holidays to meet Goofy; Donald has a complete meltdown after hearing the same Christmas song too many times (the most relatable part of the entire film tbh); and finally, Pluto and Mickey have a fight right before Christmas, leading to Pluto running away and joining Santa’s reindeer.

This movie is digitally animated, so it’s not as pretty as “Once Upon a Christmas,” but the stories are still really cute and funny, and there are more of them, which is always fun. Plus, again, Donald is me freaking out about the Christmas music, so I have to recommend this film.

Pluto’s Christmas Tree

This short follows Mickey and Pluto as they go pick out a Christmas tree. Once they get it home, Pluto discovers some unwelcome visitors in the tree, and he takes it upon himself to get rid of them. Hijinks ensue.

It’s such an adorable little short with classic Mickey and Pluto, plus some adorable hidden guests to keep you entertained.

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

Set before Belle breaks the curse, this film tells the story of Belle’s first Christmas in the castle. While all the objects are trying to get Belle and the Beast to fall in love, an organ named Forte doesn’t want to be human again, and he sets a plan in motion to drive the Beast and Belle apart.

I don’t remember all of this movie, but I know I loved it growing up and I’ve actually tried to look for it a few times and had not been able to find it, so I was really happy to see it on Disney+. There’s one line said by the feather duster that my mom used to say all the time, and of course I can’t remember it right now, but it will come to me later. If you’re a Beauty and the Beast fan, definitely check this one out.

Not Available on Disney+ :’(

Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse

Mickey and friends are throwing a Christmas party at the House of Mouse, and all the Disney characters are invited. After a snowstorm traps them all, Mickey and friends tell Donald a number of Christmas tales to cheer him up, including an animated version of The Nutcracker, some hilarious hijinks with Donald and a snowman and Mickey almost blinding the neighborhood with an abundance of Christmas lights.

As soon as I remembered this movie existed, I got so upset it wasn’t on Disney+ because this is one of my favourite Disney Christmas movies. I love all the Disney character cameos, and Mickey’s Nutcracker is one of my favourites (I didn’t realize the Mouse King was supposed to be an actual mouse until an embarrassingly old age, because I always pictured Donald).

A Muppet Family Christmas

All the Muppets are invited to Fozzie’s mother’s house for the holidays. Miss Piggy might not make it because of the snow, and Mrs. Bear’s other tenant isn’t happy with all the Muppets interrupting his quiet Christmas. Also, the Swedish Chef wants to cook Big Bird.

Another one of my favourites that is not available on Disney+. This movie is so funny, so cute and so heartwarming, it’s a shame it’s not readily available. That being said, it is definitely worth it if you can track this film down. I would say it’s my favourite Muppet Christmas film if that motivates you at all.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol

You folks know the plot of the Christmas Carol, so all I’ll say is Scrooge McDuck is the perfect Ebenezer Scrooge and Tiny Tim is adorable in this movie.

This is another classic story I was introduced to because of Disney, and it’s by far my favourite version of Dickens’ classic novel. Super cute and not too dark like that cursed Jim Carrey animated film (which somehow is on Disney+). Just trust me and give it a watch, it’s definitely worth it.

That’s all I have for you today, folks. Hopefully this list brought back some memories for you like it did for me. If you find any of the films that aren’t on Disney+, please let me know by tweeting us at @HCWLU because I really need to get my hands on them!

Have a happy holiday!

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