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Cutest Animal Crossing Amiibos You Need to Know About

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Animal Crossing is best described as The Sims, but with WAY less chaos. The absolute craziness of The Sims is something I can talk about for a LONG time. But we are gathered here today to discuss the characters bestowed upon us by the humble creators of Animal Crossing at Nintendo. These furry little critters can add a boost of serotonin to your gaming experience. Here are the cutest Amiibos that I think you NEED to know about! Without further ado:


As the name suggests, this animal is based on the dessert meringues. She’s an adorable rhinoceros with a strawberry for a nose. YES. A STRAWBERRY. For a nose. Her catchphrase is “shortcake,” and her house is decorated with all things cute. Her aesthetic is very pink and gives off a Strawberry Shortcake meets Pinky Pie from My Little Pony, except Nintendo. 


Oh. My. Goodness. Ketchup is a cute duckling whose head looks like a tomato as she has a little tuft of green hair, a red face and pale red cheeks. A peppy personality always dreaming about food or the next fashionable thing, Ketchup is bound to add to your Animal Crossing experience. 


Okay, I know technically you can’t have Reese live on your island since she works with her husband Cyrus and the Wedding Season event in New Horizons. However, you can still have Reese and Cyrus open their shop at Harv’s Island. She’s a fluffy alpaca with a smile to die for. What makes this even better? Like Merengue, she’s PINK! 


Marshal the squirrel is an acquired taste for some, but I think he is a GEM. Once he comes to live on your island, you can find him wandering around throwing mini-concerts. To add to this, you can react to his singing, and the little fellow gets so flustered! It is such a heartwarming thing for a character to do. I also think he’s pretty relatable since his catchphrase is “sulky,”, but he still finds it within himself to do the opposite, be cheery!


Celeste visits your island through her connection with Blathers, the museum curator who happens to be her brother. She’s an owl and only visits at night. Celeste hands out DIY recipes for things that can be crafted using star fragments. This gives her such a celestial feel, no pun intended! I like to think she has a Ph.D. and a Master’s in astronomy or something. She feels like the kind of person you want to meet up for coffee and chat about constellations with. Isn’t that so enchanting?


Ellie, the elephant, is lovelier than you can imagine. As a good-natured elephant, she is kind and says the sweetest things. Her catchphrase is “Lil one,” which is the loveliest thing a soft-spoken elephant can call you. Ellie has pink on her cheeks and at the top of her trunk. She rivals Winnie the Pooh with how soothing she seems. 
If I don’t stop now, the list may never end. Nintendo’s character designers figured out what ingredient X is when making characters we can fawn over for centuries. Remember when we thought it couldn’t possibly get better than Nintendogs? Well, can Nintendo gaming possibly get cuter than this?

Priya Butter

Wilfrid Laurier '23

Priya is a student at Wilfrid Laurier University pursuing an Honours BA in Global Studies. Along with being a writer, Priya is a passionate dancer and advocate.
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