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Crocheting Isn’t Just for Your Grandmother! 

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Lately I’ve seen a rise in popularity of crocheting and hand knit pieces, especially on social media such as TikTok and Instagram but I like to boast and admit that I’ve, in fact, been a self-taught crocheter for the past eight years now. In grade five when I picked up my first crochet hook and ball of yarn to work on a creative project, who would’ve thought my life would be changed forever? Now, I have a collection of handmade clothing pieces including tops, skirts, hats, sweaters, bags and more! My addiction to the crochet hook is intense but not nearly as big as my love for yarn shopping and scrolling for new projects on Pinterest.  

I’m here to convince you that crocheting isn’t just for old ladies and their yarn clubs – although I’d be SO willing to start one. There is no limit to what you can create. Here’s a short list of ideas to get you inspired! 

Granny Squares 

Granny squares are the building blocks of the crochet world. Starting with granny squares is incredibly simple and so broad with the items you can make. The YouTube tutorials and free patterns on the internet are endless with variations from simple squares to flowers, to more intricate designs with more complex stitches or changes in colour! Once done creating granny squares, these can be turned into blankets, pillows, bags, sweaters and the list truly goes on (like my collection of granny square tote bags sitting in my closet).  

Hats & Headbands 

These are also so easy! Although varying again in style and difficulty, both begin as long rectangles (rows and rows of crochet) before being formed into their specific shape. Perfect for the upcoming fall and winter weather and again customizable to anyone’s taste and preferences. Look no further than YouTube tutorials – your crochet bible – as they have every style you could imagine for beginners to experts.  


It may sound weird but crocheted animals might be my favourite project of them all. They may not serve any functional purpose like clothing or bags but they are ADORABLE. One of my favorites is the crochet take on the reversible octopus toy. It’s easier than it looks, you just need to know the staples of a magic ring, single crochet and my favourite, half double crochet. 


Now, this is a big step up from the previous options but not impossible to achieve. There are so many options for what direction you could go with clothing. I’d recommend starting with a simple tank top and figure out your sizing. My biggest mistake in the years I’ve crocheted is that so much that I make is either too big or too small (which is why I avoid crocheting clothing for others at all costs). Adjustable tops with a strappy back are your key to success for this! Progress to more complex tops, sweaters, skirts, whatever your heart desires.  

All this to say, take up crocheting or don’t. If you decide to crochet, just start with the classic mindless scroll on Pinterest to get further inspiration! Grab a hook and some yarn, watch a comfort show, and stitch the days away.  

Annabelle Ly

Wilfrid Laurier '27

I'm Annabelle and I am part of this years Writing team with Her Campus at Laurier! I have always had a passion for reading and writing and when finding out about this club, I instantly knew I wanted to join the team. Aside of HC, I am in school for Laurier's International Education Studies program with hopes of continuing down the path of teaching! In my free time, I enjoy listening to music – especially Taylor Swift, playing the piano or guitar, crocheting, and reading! Otherwise you could often find me watching Gilmore Girls or Criminal Minds.