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Couples Costumes I Want to See This Year

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This is my first Halloween in a relationship, so all I’ve been thinking about for the last few months is what my boyfriend and I will be dressing up as. This means I’ve spent an ungodly amount of time on Pinterest looking up different couples’ costumes in hopes of finding the perfect one. If that wasn’t enough, I’ve been to Spirit Halloween a few times now. I’ve racked up quite a list of costumes, and while we’ll only be able to wear one, I believe some of the ones that got cut from the lineup still deserve a chance to be worn by others!

Mr. and Mrs. Fox (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of my all-time favourite movies and it perfectly fits the fall aesthetic. The relationship between the two characters is adorable and deserves to be seen in a costume. It would take a bit more effort than some other costumes to put together, as most costume places don’t carry it, so you would need to be a bit crafty. But that’s just a part of the fun! In the end, it would be super cute!

Remy and Linguine (Ratatoullie)

Since the Ratatoullie TikTok musical was released in 2020, I’ve always thought this would be such a fun costume. While the characters obviously aren’t a couple, they are the biggest duo in the movie and deserve their time to shine. This one would be easy to pull off and all you would really need are some mouse ears, a chef’s hat and an apron. It would be pretty cute and you would get some laughs as well!

Tinkerbell and Terence (Tinkerbell)

Unless you’ve watched the Tinkerbell movies, you probably wouldn’t know that Tinkerbell has a significant other. While they aren’t in an official relationship, it’s clear they’re both crushing on each other. Tinkerbell is an easy costume to find which makes 50% of this couple’s costume easy to pull off. Terence isn’t a well-known character in the movie which means you won’t find an official Terence costume. However, with a dark yellow T-shirt, dark yellow shorts, a brown jacket and some fairy wings, the costume is all set!

Stars and the Moon

This one is a little different than the other costumes on this list, but if executed properly, I think it could be great! A sparkly top would be great for the stars and could be paired with black pants to replicate the night sky. For the moon, an all-white outfit would be perfect and could be a fun take on a full moon. I think these outfits would nicely contrast each other and be something cool and not super traditional.

Danny and Sandy (Grease)

I know this one is super basic, but it’s also super versatile. Sandy wears a variety of different outfits that were popular in the 50s, which means the costume has the potential to be different than other Danny and Sandy costumes. Dressing up in 50s-inspired attire would also be super fun and honestly, how often do you get the chance to do that?

Halloween costumes, especially couples’ costumes, can be so fun, assuming you know what to wear. The stress that comes with wanting to find the perfect costume can sometimes make it seem like it’s not worth the effort. I’ve been there countless times, but I’m hoping this list might help ease that stress!

Abigael Chalmers

Wilfrid Laurier '25

Hi! My name is Abby Chalmers (she/her) and I'm a writer for Her Campus WLU. I'm a third-year student at Wilfrid Laurier, majoring in Communication Studies. I enjoy writing about life and love sharing my interests and opinions with others! When I'm not writing, you can most likely find me creating yet another Pinterest board!