Christmas Eve Traditions To Try This Year

Christmas Eve is an exciting night full of love, spirit, family and food (of course!). Sometimes we can find ourselves getting a little too excited and eager about the next morning, and we don’t know what to do with ourselves, or how to pass the time! Here are some classic traditions that you and your family should try! 

1. Christmas movies 

Cozy up by the fire in your pj’s after a big dinner with one of these festive films!  

2. Give one gift 

Surely one present wouldn’t hurt...right? Give one gift on Christmas Eve to keep your spirits bright! 

3. Go see all the Christmas lights


Bundle up and go for a walk to see all the beautiful Christmas lights. Bonus: a nice walk will make you feel a little better after devouring that Christmas Eve dinner!

4. Ice Skating after dinner

Community outdoor ice rinks are usually open on Christmas Eve. Grab your skates and hit the ice! 

5. Board games and hot chocolate 

Nothing says family time like board games and hot chocolate! And hey, an old-fashioned board game makes for a fun gift as well! 

Happy Holidays, Golden Hawks!