Celebrating the Holidays with a BIG Family

The holidays, though “the most wonderful time of the year,” can be very stressful. This can especially be the case for anyone that has a huge family. Hosting and attending family events can become quite the production!

First of all, you know that it’s almost impossible to get everyone together… Some family members have already made prior commitments, or maybe your one aunt can’t fly in on the day of your family gathering. However, since it’s the holidays, everyone tries their best to be there!

There is so much food, you could literally feed an army. Plus, there will be leftovers for a week.

No matter where you pick to hold the celebration, it’s never big enough.

Holiday celebrations start VERY early to ensure you get to visit with everyone… (My first family Christmas event was the middle of November).

You have to buy so many presents… not only for your immediate family but your favourite aunt and uncle, your cousins, your grandparents. Rest in peace to my bank account. 

Everyone managing to fit at the same table is basically impossible. You just kind of find a spot and eat where you can. 

You get to see family members that you haven’t seen in a long time (or that you are meeting for the first time). 

At the end of the day, though it can be a hassle, the holidays are one of the only times of the year you can get ALMOST everyone together and be with your (huge) family. Happy Holidays, everyone!