Campus Profile: Adam Rezkalla

Name: Adam Rezkalla

Age: 20

Program: Communication Studies

Year: 3

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario 

Social Media: Instagram: @adamrezkalla

What’s your favourite thing about Laurier? 

Definitely the students; everyone is so great. In my experience, I’ve always found that everyone is so supportive, and no one seems as if they’re all alone in pursuing something because they have the entire student body standing behind them.

Can you tell us a little bit about your involvement at Laurier?

I’ve been pretty involved since I was in first year. It began with being on House Council as a Residence Athletic Council Representative, which then inspired me to join DECA as a member. I continued with DECA as Vice President of Brand Management in my second year, and Vice President of Corporate Relations this year. I’ve also done some Ice Breaking, and I have been a Go-Team Lead for orientation week. This September, I and my friend Kevin Ncube created a club at Laurier called Leaders of Laurier, and that’s where a lot of my energy has been going to.


What encouraged you to get involved in these specific clubs/organizations/departments?

I think you get out what you put in. I was very passionate about everything I’ve involved myself in, and it helped that the students were so supportive. For me, it was all about helping other students and making the school a better place. My passion/interests and the Laurier community were my main factors of encouragement. 

What is “Leaders of Laurier” and why did you feel like it was something that Laurier was missing?

Leaders of Laurier is the school’s very own club that facilitates keynote speaking engagements. Business can be very dominating at Laurier, so we wanted to bring in something different, something cross-faculty. The types of presentations that we organize are in a TedTalk manner, and Laurier alumni who have a great amount of knowledge of Laurier’s programs usually do them. This is a learning opportunity for people, and it helps students feel comfortable with pursuing their degree/passion. Seeing confident leaders allows for confidence in students. Leaders of Laurier strives to create inspiration more than providing information, and we found that this is a really good way to ensure confidence in people and their field of study.

Who would you say is your biggest inspiration and why?

Definitely Steve Jobs. This may be cliché, but he never took no for an answer and always asked for help. He had big ideas and went big because of his passion and drive. He never settled. These are attributes that some people may have a difficult time accomplishing, and that is why I strive to be just like him.

You can find Adam around campus and don’t be afraid to say hello. Check out everything Leaders of Laurier has to offer through their Facebook page and be sure to come out to the next presentation!