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Campus Cutie: Sulaika Mazhar

Meet this week’s spunky Campus Cutie, Sulaika Mazhar! When she’s not studying it up in the 2 4, you can most likely find her at Phil’s. And when I say most likely, I mean always. This golden hawk is always down for a good time and knows how to party it up, Laurier style!

Name: Sulaika Mazhar

Age: 21

Year: 4

Program: Communications with the Social Entrepreneurship Option 

Hometown: Picton, Ontario

Relationship Status: Single and ready to mingle

Currently Binge-watching: The O.C.

Motto: Emily, are you a vegan?

Fave Song Right Now: Sorry by JBeibs

Fave Study Spot: 24 Lounge

Fave Bar: Phil’s

Fave Food Place: Subway

What extracurriculars have you been a part of here at Laurier?

In March, I organized the Laurier Lend Your Leg Day, which is an event that creates awareness about land mines. We had a bake sale and gave away t-shirts for the event and had poster making for the rally in the concourse! I haven’t had a chance to volunteer as much as I would have liked to this year because I practically live in the 24!

Also, for part of the SE Option, it is required to go on an international placement. I will be going to Quito, Ecuador, and Peru in May and June. I will be working for a non-profit organization (NGO) with an organization called International Volunteer HQ. I will be learning about the culture and issues that NGO’s face on a daily basis. I will be assisting with translation, book keeping, and fundraising. I will also be spending time with local children by participating in physical activity, as well as teaching English!

What’s the best thing about Laurier?

The community aspect is great. I love how all the professors know who are you and you can make more connections. I like being able to walk to class and run into people I know. Oh, and I also love how close it is to Phil’s.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Go to Phil’s. Hit up more Phil’s… Honestly, I spend most of my spare time sleeping and watching Netflix.

What is one thing on your Laurier bucket list that you have to do before you graduate?

Ride the bull at Dallas. I’m so scared, but one day I will!

What is your favourite Laurier memory?

2015 Homecoming for sure. I lived closer to the school this year and there was more to see and do! Even though I don’t even remember what I did…

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Procrastinating… sadly in the 24.

What or who is your biggest inspiration?

My Grandma. She’s been through so much, but she is still the most positive person I have ever met in my life.

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Crazy, loud, and funny.

What do you aspire to do after graduation?

I’m first going to cry and sleep for two months, but then I really want to travel and I’m leading towards getting my MBA. I’m dying to go to Greece; that’ll be the first place I’ll go. I definitely want to check out Paris and Rome as well!


Hey there, my name is Victoria, I am currently a fourth year Sociology student and a new member of the Her Campus team! I can't wait to start writing and to be a part of such an amazing publication!
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