Campus Cutie: Erica Bleta

We would like to introduce you to a girl who may be tiny but has the biggest heart on campus! Meet this week's Campus Cutie Erica!

Name: Erica Bleta

Age: 21

Year: 4th

Program: Sociology with Community Engagement Option

Hometown: Etobicoke

Relationship Status: Taken


Currently Binge-watching: Friends

Fave Study Spot: DVLB

Fave Bar: Brixton

Fave Food Place: Burrito Boyz

What have you been involved in on campus?

In first year, I was involved in the Residence Learning Community (RLC) on the sociology floor and I volunteered at the Working Center in Kitchener, specifically at The Green Door. I was a part of the Diversity Certificate Program in my third year. I am a LSSA general member, a member of the art club (LVAC), and I have also been a part of Healthy Hawk. I feel like this is nothing compared to what some people have done in their years here at Laurier! 

Why did you choose Laurier?

This sounds really cliché, but I feel like Laurier chose me. From the moment I stepped foot on the Waterloo campus, I instantly had this strong feeling that this was the place I wanted to call home for the next four years - and it has been. All of the people that I have met have been so friendly! The campus is smaller than other universities, which I liked because it felt more personal, and it gave me the feeling that I would meet a lot more people in a smaller space and with smaller classes. Getting to know people within the Sociology field has been relatively easy. With the university being smaller, it has also been easier to find and join clubs that I’m interested in.

How would your friends describe you in three words?

Friendly, determined, and logical.

What is one thing on your Laurier bucket list that you want to do in your last semester?

I actually have a Laurier bucket list; it’s hanging up in my room! I said I would volunteer at the Working Center again this semester because I feel like it has been beneficial to my major and my entire Laurier experience. Laurier students are known for volunteering and helping others.

If you could spend a day with anyone in the world (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

Rachel McAdams - I love her! Plus, she lives in Toronto, so maybe I’ll bump into her sometime…

What is your favourite pastime outside of school?

Mmh…when do I have spare time? I’m in fourth year! I like to draw and write when I want to relax and de-stress; I’m also obsessed with Lush bath bombs!

What do you consider to be important aspects of you life?

School and grades are really important to me, but aside from this I’ve done gymnastics pretty much all my life. I believe this has helped me become more of a perfectionist and a focused person. When it comes to school, I tend to think about how many times I would work on perfecting my form or routine and it helps me to become just as dedicated. I love pretty much all types of art, however I would have to say that contemporary realism is my favourite. 

What do you see yourself doing after graduation?

I want to go into Social Work; I love working one-on-one with people, especially our youth population. Pretty much everything I have done and all the places I have volunteered up to this stage in my life deal with helping people - and I genuinely enjoy it. Sociology has given me such great insight into what is truly important in life. I’ve learned how to analyze situations and see the bigger picture so I know how to effectively deal with people and difficult situations.

I would also love to travel after graduating. I have been to France and Spain on a graduation trip with my high school class, and not a day passes where I don’t think about the sightseeing and the people I went with. I think ultimately, I would want to travel somewhere in Europe because I love seeing European architecture, art, and learning about the history behind all of the monumental statues, cathedrals, and landmarks.