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Campus Celebrity: Shelby Blackley

Meet this week's Campus Celeb, Shelby Blackley! If her face is familiar to you, that's probably because you've seen her in The Cord. Shelby is this year's Editor-in-Chief of our campus's long-standing publication. Between publishing new editions and chasing her next big story, we managed to catch up with Shelby and talk to her about her experience with Laurier and The Cord.

Name: Shelby Blackley

Hometown: Niagara Falls

Major: WLU Alum, Double Major English and Sociology.

What does being Editor and Chief of The Cord mean to you?

It’s making sure that the Laurier community knows everything, and that I am doing my duty. It means holding everyone accountable.

What is the most rewarding part of being the EIC?

Definitely seeing my staff grow, especially this year because they are young. Seeing them doing this outside of the classroom and that it could potentially turn into something for them is rewarding.

Did you always know this is what you would be doing?

Pretty much, I came to Laurier because it gave me the opportunity to test out journalism. My entire time at WLU I have been involved in WLU Student Publications.

What is your favourite story you have ever covered?

Oh, that’s hard! I would say the one that won the Johnny, the one about the girl on the WLU curling team who was 24 hours away from a stroke due to blood clots in her brain. I got her story of what it was like being in the hospital and how they went on the year later to win the OUA championship. It was fun listening to her and just letting her talk about her experience.

You can read Shelby’s amazing article here.

When you’re not chasing down stories, where can we find you?

Oh God, still here probably. I’m always in the WLUSP office or at least in the lounge sleeping on the couches. Also the gym.

What is your de-stressor for those long production nights?

My minion blanket and candles!

Where do you see yourself next?

Hopefully with a job in the journalism industry.  I want to go to grad school, at Ryerson, Western, Carleton…. I just want to go to grad school.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Eating a giant bag of Cheetos.  Every time I feel I need to do something, I also need Cheetos.  Also, watching hours of football.  I get really excited for football Sunday!


You can pick up a copy of The Cord on campus every Wednesday. Thanks for chatting with us, Shelby! Good luck with grad school applications!


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