Campus Celebrity: Leighanne Evans

Meet Leighanne, or better known around Campus as Wales! Leighanne is a fourth year student who has definitely made the most out of her time as a Golden Hawk!

Name: Leighanne Evans

Nickname: Wales

Year: 4

Program: Biology and Geography

Hometown: Barrie


1.    First off, we need to ask, why does everyone call you Wales?

Some say I look like a whale, but it is actually because I am originally from Wales, United Kingdom. I moved to Canada when I was 13 for honestly no reason at all... except my family felt like it!

2.    What have you been involved with during your time at Laurier?

What HAVEN'T I done, just kidding... I was a part of Laurier Place House Council (RIP LP), in second and third year I was an icebreaker and had the best first years out there. Then of course I have been a Campus Ambassador for the past two years, with this year having the honour of being the senior of residence. I have also played many intramurals, my favorite in the whole wide world is inner tube water polo. Poseidon’s Possee has been growing and growing since 2nd year and I hope the legacy continues and eventually one day we win a shirt.  Oh and of course I was a member and the captain of the most hated team out there the Killin Villains and had the honour of winning and attending medieval times with all my drunk pals.


Then one time I went to Yellowknife with my professor and we visited abandoned mines and did some real cool science that will probably change the world one day.

3. Plans after graduation?

This I guess Is kind of the official announcement I will be attending Oxford Brooks in the fall England studying Conservation Ecology for 12 months!... (and marry Prince Harry).

4. You have one week and you have the funds to do what ever you want, what do you do?

I would travel the world, like in 80 days but I would break the record and do it in 7 and then go on a crazy shopping spree!!

5. Go to food

Due to the unfortunate circumstances that I am a celiac, my only options are rice and potatoes so im going to go with potatoes on this one, preferably mash.

6. What made you choose Laurier?

I picked Laurier because:

-Rachel Ruston gave me the best tour of my life and really I had no other option...

-I'ts Laurier and Laurier is the best school out there! SO much school spirit and cause its such a great community.

7. Any goals before the end of the semester?

Win trivia, even if its in my dreams


-My favourite colour is blue

-The only continents I have not visited are Asia and Australia

-I have a tattoo of a Welsh Dragon (in honour of Wales)

-I'm left handed

-My favourite animal is a cow

-My favourite soccer team is Liverpool (LIVERPOOL 4 LIFE)

- I've climbed a volcano, been on a yellow submarine and can do the worm

Lightning Round!

Tea or coffee: None. Water and Orange Juice, or Strawberry Milk!

Guilty Pleasure: my (now not-so) secret stash of british chocolate in my drawer, and Law and Order: SVU

One word people use to describe you: I'll give you three- fun fresh and fiercely foreign (okay four words)


Thanks so much for chatting with us Wales, and we can't wait to see what happens when you take on England in the Fall!