Campus Celeb: Maddie Phillips

Name: Maddie Phillips (IG: maddiephillips_)

Age: 20

Year: First year transfer student from Western

Program: BBA

Hometown: Oakville


Currently binge watching: The new season of House of Cards

Quote to live by: “Make money get turnt”

Favourite song at the moment?  Low Life – Future ft. the Weekend

Favourite celebrity? Gigi Hadid


What is a day in the life of Maddie Phillips like?

I often wake up late, and then rush to get ready, yet I always seem to make it to classes (impressive, I know). I am pretty busy throughout the day so I like to come back and binge watch some Netflix any chance I get. Depending on the day, I have to go back to school for a meeting. But if not, I hit the gym or meet up with some friends to study, pretty boring and basic, I know!  

What have you been involved in at Laurier thus far?

Laurier Marketing Association, IUCC Case Conference, and Technology Management Laurier. I love meeting new people and since I am a transfer student from Western, joining clubs has been really great!

Favourite winter clothing accessory?  Scarves, beanies, and a great jacket!

Who’s purple is better, Laurier’s or Western’s?

hmmm…that is a tough one but I have to say Laurier’s!

What is your favourite thing(s) about Laurier?

Definitely the sense of community and engagement Golden Hawks have.

What are your goals for the following years at Laurier?

My main goal is to continue being involved in the Laurier student body! The Golden Hawk community is amazing and I love being an active member in school clubs and associations. I would also really like to do an academic exchange!

Where is your favourite study spot on campus?

The Solarium.

What do you like to do outside of school?

When I get a free minute, I like to hangout with friends and go to the gym. I also love to cook! During the holidays I like to ski and spend time with my family.

What do you hope to accomplish after graduating?

After graduating, I want to spend some time travelling Europe. Then, hopefully find a job in the business world, but I have yet to decided which field! I have some time to figure everything out, so I am not too worried!