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Campus Celeb: Celina Pastorious

Meet this week's Campus Celeb, Celina Pastorious! When she’s not studying away at the library, Celina is hard at work as an executive for WLUFLS! This bombshell is the hardest working gal I know and also the sweetest ❤️

Name: Celina Pastorious

Age: 21

Year: 4

Program: Sociology with Business Management Option

Hometown: Etobicoke

Relationship Status: Taken 

What is a day in the life of Celina Pastorious?

It consists of lots of library time, let me tell you! I am overly organized and I spend a lot of time writing in my agenda. My agenda is my lifeline! I’m always busy keeping in touch with my family. I’m also busy staying up to date with my schoolwork; I’ve never submitted an assignment late in my life and I’m very proud of that.

What have you been involved in on campus?

I have been a part of LSSA (Laurier Sociology Students Association) for the past two years, and last year I was a model for the WLUFLS Fashion Show, which inspired me to become an executive member this year.

What is your position on WLUFLS (Wilfrid Laurier University Fashion and Lifestyle Society)?

I am the fashion show executive; through our fashion show, we raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society! Basically, since October, I’ve been working with a team of about 6 others to organize the fashion show. This involves model practice every Wednesday night as well as other planning on the side, such as getting in contact with stores and getting sponsorships. 

What is the best part of being a member of WLUFLS?

Forming different relationships with everyone has been great. We have become a family and have made great connections with people. The best thing was probably seeing everything unfold at the fashion show this semester. It was amazing to see all the hours people put in, along with the hard work, stress, time, and effort – in the end, it came together really nicely. We had our fashion show on Sunday March 20th, 2016 and I really enjoyed the turn out! It was great seeing everyone’s hard work come together and we really made it a night to remember. We also raised a ton of money, which was awesome!

How would your friends describe you in three words?

Driven, caring/compassionate, and silly. I’m such a dork!

What is one thing on your Laurier bucket list that you have to do in your last semester?

Ride the bull at Dallas. I am actually determined to ride that bull – if I don’t, I will be very disappointed.

What do you consider to be important aspects of you life?

Health, family, friends, and fashion. Being away from home, I have always made sure to keep in touch regularly with my family and friends back home. This has really helped me get through my four years here. If I didn’t have my friends here, I probably wouldn’t have even made it through first year! I’m such a mess! *laughs* In regards to fashion, my own personal style reflects who I am and I find it different from others. My style is always changing and it describes who I am!



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