The Best 2016 Presidential Election Memes

Okay people, let’s be real; there has been a lot of disagreement concerning the 2016 election. Regardless of who you wanted to win, at least we can agree that the memes circling the internet have been nothing shy of hilarious. I’ve collected a few of my favourite memes so we can all share a laugh, even if we don’t share the same political views.

N.W.A = Neither, Worth, Appointing.

All in favour of Hil changing her hair, say “I!"

Can’t blame a guy for trying.

SOS! Someone please tell Trump where he can get an actual decent spray tan!

Yes Obama, we are.

These h*es ain’t loyal.


~*believe me*~

And of course, who would dare leave out the Joe Biden and Barack Obama memes. Forget “God Bless America,” more like God Bless the Internet. Bromance of the year award goes to…



So collegiettes, use this as a friendly reminder to always be respectful to each other's political views!