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Recently, I have been trying to improve my beauty regime. Upon my latest interview with Buck Na.ked Soap Company’s founder, Rina Clarke , I have made the decision to try using a bar of soap as opposed to body and face wash, as it contains less chemicals and preservatives. With the help of two of my roommates, we have product tested three bars of soap on three different skin types. Here are our findings!


The Body Shop Strawberry Soap

This Soap is 3.5oz and is sold for $4 at The Body Shop. It is vegetable based and contains natural and artificial fragrances and colours. The Body Shop does not test its products on animals.

Sensitive skin: This soap is too harsh on my hands, the fragrance bothers me, and it leaves little red bumps all over.

Normal skin: I like this soap and it smells really good, but I wish it didn’t have artificial colours in it.

Oily skin: This soap smells awesome and I liked it for my hands and body, however it isn’t great for oily skin and it doesn’t remove all of my make up so I wouldn’t use it for my face. I also find it runs out fairly quickly.

Dove Shea Butter Beauty Bar

This soap is 3.2oz and comes in packs of four for $4.97 at Walmart as well as most other retailers with a pharmacy section. Dove is not committed to being cruelty free and contains artificial colours and fragrances.

Sensitive skin: This soap left my hands feeling a little tight, however it didn’t irritate them too much, and it smells really nice.

Normal skin: This soap worked well for me, but for my face I prefer a scrub to help exfoliate.

Oily skin: This soap has a nice smell and I liked it for my hands and body, however it isn’t great for combatting oily skin and removing make up so I wouldn’t use it for my face.

Buck Na.ked Soap Company Lavendar and Rosemarry

This soap is roughy 5.5OZ and can be purchased on Etsy for $7.50. It is all natural, local, and cruelty free.

Sensitive skin: This soap didn’t bother my skin at all, even on my face, as long as I remember to use moisturizer after.

Normal skin: I really liked this soap; it made me feel very refreshed after using it.

Oily skin: This soap is great for hands, body, and face! Even if I had makeup on it would get it all off. Next time I might try the Charcoal and Anise soap because with this one my face would start to get a little oily in the evening.


It looks like Buck Na.ked Soap Company’s Lavender and Rosemary Soap is the winner, closely followed by Dove’s Shea Butter Beauty Bar. As far and price for product quantity is concerned, The Lavender and Rosemary Soap is more expensive than the Dove but less expensive than The Body Shop, and totally worth it! Just remember that not everybody’s skin reacts the same way, so when trying out a new product always test it on a small patch of indiscreet skin before applying it all over.

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