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Alternatives to Going Out and Partying

With St. Paddy’s coming up, partying and drinking will be on the majority of people’s minds. Most of the time people go out to celebrate, yet there are many other things you can do besides going out.

If you don’t feel like going out but still want to take part in the drinking culture, you can always drink from home! Staying home compared to going out tends to be frowned upon, yet it can still turn out to be a good time – arguably better than even going out in the first place (I mean that’s why people have ‘pre’s, right?). There are tons of drinking games to pick from; you can even pick any game you want and turn it into a drinking game with whatever rules you want. Maybe get creative and come up with your own game! All you would need is a pack of cards.

There are always other ways to have fun and drink from home. There is the classic idea of putting a hat on the top corner of the tv/computer screen and taking a sip whenever it lines up with someone’s head. There’s a bunch of fun different hats that represent St. Paddy’s that you could find.

Maybe you don’t want to play a game, maybe you just want to have a group of friends over to drink. Just chill and have a good time. Maybe turn your place into your own dance club and play the music you all want to listen to. St. Paddy’s is a good excuse to have some people over and have a good time.

Maybe you don’t even want to drink! You can still do all listed above with soda or water. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable. You can still hang out with your friends too. Or maybe you just want to treat it as a regular day. Stay in and finish whatever you are currently binge-watching.

Not everyone believes that St. Paddy’s should be spent drinking. Some people just see it as another day. A day to go to class or even just study. Just because a lot of people decide to drink and party on St. Paddy’s doesn’t mean you have to as well. Maybe you just want to stay home and study? The important thing is that you spend the day doing what you want to do and that you are safe about it!

Megan Cruz

Wilfrid Laurier '21

Megan Cruz is a 4th-year film studies student at WLU. She already has a diploma from Vancouver film school for writing for Games, Television, and film. When she isn't writing she can be found in a pillow fort watching cartoons  
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