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Affordable Holiday Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift for someone special is a difficult process. Finding it for a good price is even harder! I’ve always found gift guides helpful during holiday season to get an insight on options I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. Here are my thoughts on gift ideas for students or anyone else on a budget.

1. For your organized friend: Stationery

Finding cute and affordable stationery is an easy go-to for the person in your life who’s always colour-coding or loves their planner! I think new stationery is a great gift, as it’s a fresh start for the new year and would be great paired with a 2021 calendar, a new notebook or some snacks as a “study package.” An affordable brand that I’ve been dying to try is Lex Stationery. This is a small business run by one woman and is very student-focused. Here’s her website!

2. For your fashion friend: Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are all the rage lately in the fashion world. Finding affordable graphic tees isn’t too difficult through Instagram boutiques or even thrifting! This is an easy gift for someone who’s into this style and can be paired with something simple like a scrunchie. If you are planning on thrifting, I’d recommend washing the item prior to gifting it so it’s nice and clean for your loved one. A local (based out of Hamilton) vintage business you could support is Washed Away Vintage. His brand revolves mainly around vintage sports apparel, but he also has a variety of options! His tee shirt prices vary but are mainly between $25-$30. Check out his website!

3. For your fancier friend: Amazon Jewelry

Although Amazon is far from being a small business, I can’t deny that it is affordable. Cheap Amazon finds have taken over TikTok and I’m not mad about it. A specific pair of chunky gold hoops are blowing up on the app and for good reason. These earrings are super trendy and the perfect pair for going out to dinner or to wear during a presentation for a more sophisticated look. Retailing for just under $15, they’re an easy gift for the jewelry lover in your life. Find them here.

4. For your nature loving friend: Plants

So many people have gotten into plants throughout this year, so why not give them as a gift! This is an easy pickup from your local nursery and can be paired with a nice affordable vase or a hanging pot! If you know someone that isn’t great at taking care of plants, but they wish they were, get them a succulent! Succulents are so easy to maintain as they only require water when they are completely dry which is approximately every two to three weeks. As for a nice hanging planter, here are some I love.

5. For anyone: Gift Card

If you really can’t think of something for someone and need a quick fix, a gift card is always a good last resort. It’s as easy as knowing their favourite store and you’re done! Best part is you know exactly how much you’re spending and can decide on a price you’re comfortable with.

Gift giving shouldn’t have to be stressful! Finding gifts for your loved ones on a budget seems like a tough task, but with a bit of help from gift guides such as this one you can find options you’ve probably never thought of! Always remember that the holidays are about so much more than gifts!


Olivia Egan

Wilfrid Laurier '23

Third year Psychology student at WLU
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