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7 Reasons Why Love is Blind is Simultaneously the Best and the Worst

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wilfrid Laurier chapter.

Love is Blind is Netflix’s most recent venture into reality TV and it has taken the world by storm, capturing the attention of even stringent non-reality-TV-watchers like myself. So, what makes this show so enticing?

For those people who haven’t seen Love is Blind, here is a basic summary to get you caught up. The show is based around the idea that two people can fall in love based solely on an intense emotional connection, without ever seeing each other. To test this theory, the showrunners put 15 single men and 15 single women in something called “the pods,” which are essentially rooms separated by a thin wall in the middle where participants can go on dates without seeing each other.

For the lucky people who form an emotional connection and choose to propose, they meet face to face for the first time and decide whether to continue down the road to marriage, which in this particular show is a month (yes you read that right), or part ways.

It’s simple really: The straight up outlandish premise coupled with the endless supply of drama makes this the ideal show to binge-watch while avoiding the real world. The show will have you straight up hooked.

And I’m not saying this show is quality television, it is quite the opposite. It’s like a bad train wreck – it’s awful but you just can’t look away – so awful that it is somehow good and bad all at once.

If you haven’t see the entirety of Love is Blind and want to watch for yourself, stop reading here because there are major spoilers ahead!

Without further ado, here are seven reasons why is simultaneously the best and the worst

1. Everyone in the pods was attractive

I am convinced that this show would be much more interesting and effective in proving whether love is blind if every single person in the experiment wasn’t hot. Seems kind of like a rigged game to me. I want to see some tens falling in love with some threes based on personality alone and then see whether they truly do love them for their personality alone – that would be much more convincing.

2. Lauren and Cameron

Lauren and Cameron are the most wholesome couple on the show by a landslide. They were the first to get engaged and one of the only couples who followed through with their marriage in the season finale. They were the couple that everyone loved to root for because their love was refreshingly un-dramatic/toxic in the sea of chaos that is Love is Blind. Plus, they’re cute as fuck.

3. Carleton and Diamond’s tragic end

Carleton and Diamond had a very short lived engagement which ended in an explosive fight. The reason for this fight? Carleton revealed that he was bisexual to his fiancé after he had already proposed to her and she felt betrayed by the fact that he withheld information. Diamond tried to have an open and honest conversation with Carleton, explaining the fact that it wasn’t his sexuality that upset her, but feeling like she couldn’t trust him 100 percent. This did not go over well to say the least – and ended in Carleton calling her bitch and throwing her engagement ring into the pool, which was not a good look.

4. Jessica feeding her dog wine

Yes, this deserved to be its own separate point because, what the fuck? Jessica straight up let her dog drink red wine directly from her glass while mid-conversation with fiancé Mark, and he didn’t even acknowledge it?!?! Since this iconic and baffling T.V. moment, Jessica has since said that she had never done this before and doesn’t know why she did it, but during the moment she snuck in a little “she likes wine” comment to Mark while her pup was sipping her glass. I am most definitely convinced that this is a regular occurrence in her household, and she just doesn’t want to admit it.

5. Jessica as a whole

I think the entire viewership as a whole can agree that Jessica is the actual worst. Not only did she agree to marry Mark when she was clearly rebounding after being rejected by Barnett, she continued to OBVIOUSLY pursue Barnett after leaving the pods! This was so disrespectful to both her own relationship and Barnett and Amber’s relationship! What’s even worse is that she refused to take ownership for her actions and acted like her intentions were purely platonic the whole time. And don’t even get me started about the whole “We’Re TeN yEaRs ApArT” thing. At least it makes for entertaining television.

6. Mark

Mark’s sweet nature and dedication to making his relationship work is truly admirable, but come on man, you had to have seen this one coming. After watching Mark be taken granted for the entire season despite being the most kind, patient and understanding man on the show, seeing him get left at the alter was heart wrenching but not unexpected. That man truly knows how to handle even the most ridiculous bullshit and he deserved better.

7. Giannina’s temper

After Damion and Giannina fell in love in the pods, their transition into a real-world relationship was rocky to say the least. What shocked me the most was G’s fiery temper! I’m talking about the whole “Motherfucker, listen to me!” outburst! After seeing them communicate so well in the pods it was surprising to see how things could change so easily but G and Damion’s trials and tribulations sure were entertaining to watch, right down to the dramatic wedding ceremony.

This show has so much to unpack; it’s basically high stakes speed-dating and I could delve into a million more reasons why it’s both horrible and amazing, but I’ll leave it at that.

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