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6 Things That Look Like Vaginas That Are Definitely Not Vaginas

Okay, so have you ever just been walking down the street and come across a huge drawing of a penis? It happens every five minutes … like why?

The focus on male genitalia written on bus stop after bus stop can get a bit much — and really, society focuses too much on penises. Us people with vaginas have to reclaim our time.

Mother Nature has done a beautiful job by leaving us a few gifts to remind us how amazing our bodies are. 

Here are a few things that look like vaginas that really aren’t: ​

1. This sliced grapefruit:

2. This half-open football arena: 

3. Janelle Monae’s Pants:

4. This weird underwater creature: 


5. Zach from Buzzfeed: 


6. This deep ice hole: 

So next time you’re hanging out alone or with a pal, take some time to appreciate the beauty of vaginas, whether or not it’s or own or someone else’s — as long as it’s consensual! 

And don’t forget vaginas are the best! 

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