6 Must-Try Sushi Restaurants

Sushi is a great and versatile meal. You can eat it alone for lunch, with a group of friends or on a date. You can even order it on Uber Eats or Skip the Dishes to mow down while studying for midterms! If you’re like me, a self-proclaimed sushi connoisseur, than you have probably tried every sushi place around. If you aren’t like me, but still really like sushi, than definitely give these places a try!

1. 168 Sushi (Waterloo)

This sushi place is excellent for groups or for a date. I go here very often and I enjoy myself every time. The rolls are a great size and super tasty, and as an added plus, the servers are all very kind. The atmosphere is cozy but aesthetically pleasing, which is something we all need in our lives. There is also a buffet bar, where you can get some appetizers and desserts to compliment your meal!

2. Sushi 8 (Brantford)

This is one of the first sushi restaurants I tried and is definitely one of the reasons why I am so in love with sushi today. There are so many options for rolls and sushi, as well as a buffet bar for Chinese food. The rolls are a little smaller than other restaurants but I view this as a bonus so I can have a larger variety to eat! I really enjoy the Philadelphia rolls at this location, which has cream cheese and salmon. If you are ever in Brantford and need a place to get some grub, definitely check out this one!

3. Nagano (Cambridge)

Now, this place is not all-you-can-eat (cries), but for good reason. The sushi rolls are massive and you’d probably only be able to have about one round of sushi anyways. I haven’t gotten to try lots off this menu due to it being a-la-carte, but a must try is the Hurricane Roll. It contains deep fried shrimp, cream cheese, avocado both inside and on top, and the whole roll is deep-fried. Another recommendation is the crab salad appetizer. It’s the best crab salad I’ve ever had. This place is a little pricier, again probably due to it being a-la-carte, but sooooo worth it to try at least once!

4. Heart Sushi (Mississauga)

I literally drool at the sound of this place. This is my all-time-fav sushi restaurant! The rolls are a good size and absolutely delicious. The atmosphere is amazing and the service is pretty speedy. I thoroughly enjoy everything on the menu that I have eaten there, especially the wontons! The only downside about this place is that a lot of people share the same opinion as me…. a lot of people. It tends to be pretty busy so I recommend going on a weekday or making a reservation, but if you do go when it’s busy, just know that the wait is definitely worth it.

5. Yummy Yaki Sushi (Waterloo)

I just recently tried this restaurant by recommendation of a co-worker, and I am so glad I listened. It’s a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant, but so amazing. The rolls are delicious and they have lots of spicy options! The staff are friendly and the service is very quick! It’s across the street from Conestoga Mall, making it super accessible and definitely worth a little trip!

6. Sushi 99 (Waterloo)

I found this place by accident and it was the best happy accident I’ve ever experienced. The food at this location is utterly delicious and tends to not be overly busy, which is always a plus when you’re on that tight school schedule. I really enjoy the handrolls at this location as well as the Sushi roses, which are just rice wrapped with salmon and topped with mayo! This restaurant is down the street from Yummy Yaki and Ye’s, and is very close to Conestoga Mall!

Next time you aren’t sure of where to eat, get your stretchy pants on and give one of these places a try!