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Riley Keough and Sam Claflin in Daisy Jones and the Six
Riley Keough and Sam Claflin in Daisy Jones and the Six
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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Daisy Jones & the Six

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Popularized during the pandemic on platforms such as BookTok, Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid follows the story of a band in the 70s in an interview-style format, discussing the evolution of the band 40 years after the band fell apart. The main character, Daisy Jones, is a fiery, spirited girl who doesn’t put up with anything she doesn’t believe in. Billy Dunne, lead singer of The Six is just the same, which leads to arguments between the two. The entire novel surrounds the seven main characters of the band and creates strong personalities and storylines for each. This novel received a ton of amazing feedback and in turn, became a TV show on Amazon Prime Video. Many book-to-film adaptations ruin the storyline and original plot of the novel, but this is not the cast for Daisy Jones & the Six. Here are five reasons you should watch this amazing book-adapted show.

The Casting is Amazing

Many shows’ casting is criticized, especially in book-to-film adaptations. However, with Daisy Jones & the Six, the casting nearly hit every character spot-on to what the book stated each character looked and acted like. The character of Daisy Jones is played by Riley Keough, who plays the barefooted, spirited, fiery redhead character extremely well. Her background allows her to play a rock-and-roll band member well as her grandfather is the famous Elvis Presley, King of Rock & Roll. The character of Billy Dunne is played by Sam Claflin, who is best known for his role as Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games, another famous book-to-film adaptation that did extremely well. Other cast members include actress and singer Suki Waterhouse and model Camila Morrone, who mesh well together and have become very close friends since filming the show. The cast has amazing chemistry that makes the show even better than it already is.

The Commitment the Actors Had

Barely any of the cast of Daisy Jones & the Six could sing or play the instruments they do in the show before filming. The cast spent over two years learning their vocals and instruments to truly become the band. Riley Keough who plays Daisy Jones could not sing before filming, but by the end could belt out lyrics like a true singer. Not only were they dedicated to their roles in this sense but Riley Keough stated in an interview that she viewed fan art from the novel to get a sense of what the audience wanted to see in Daisy Jones. The commitment each cast member had to make the show as accurate as possible was truly beautiful in creating what the fans wanted to see.

They Stick to the Storyline

Many shows based on novels go off-track and make their film different from the novel, as it’s difficult to get every scene from a book into a visual form. The fact that the book was already written interview-style allowed for the TV show to stick near perfect to the plot line. The main scenes, main quotes and main details from the novel were there in the show, which made those from the novel happy but also those who never read the novel could still understand and enjoy it. The script was perfectly curated for those who read the novel and created a powerful storyline that brought the novel to life.

The Band Becomes Real

Not many shows bring their television shows to other forms of media but Daisy Jones & the Six does. Not only is the fictional band part of the television show but the album created during the show is a real album one can listen to on Apple Music and Spotify. The song lyrics were all printed in the back of the novel and the band brought them to life through real songs. This makes the show easier to love, as you can watch the show and then listen to the band after you’ve completed it.

The Story Itself is Phenomenal

Aside from the casting, script and accuracy, the story of Daisy Jones & the Six is a wonderful story everyone can enjoy. Based in the 70s, a girl fights her way to the top and becomes a worldwide musical sensation despite all odds. The characters have amazing storylines, including marriages, affairs, arguments, drama, love stories and complicated relationships. With the main cast consisting of seven main characters, Daisy Jones & the Six follows a variety of storylines, all of which are truly mind-grasping and leave you wanting more at the end of every episode.

If you have been debating starting Daisy Jones & the Six, here is your sign to start watching it. Whether you’ve read the novel or have never heard of the story, you’ll enjoy the show’s story and the filming style this show has. Grab some popcorn, open Prime Video and start watching Daisy Jones & the Six.

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