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5 Practical School Bags That Won’t Hurt Your Outfit Or Your Wallet

Although the school year is nearing its end, spring shopping has just begun. In the spring, a lot of back-to-school shopping is done for next fall. With that comes the hunt for the perfect back-to-school bag. It may be a little early to be thinking about the next school year when we haven’t even finished this one yet, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared if you come across a cute school bag while shopping. It is important for you to love your school bag, considering it’s attached to your body 80% of the time. More importantly, the school bag needs to be durable and made of good quality material. Your bag isn’t going to look so cute when the books and your laptop have fallen through the bottom of it! So be sure that you find a backpack that is comfortable, durable, versatile, and of course – find one that suits your personal style! Check out some of our reccomendations for the best bags below.

Victoria’s Secret PINK

These bags could be considered pieces of art, in our opinion. They come in a wide variety of designs ranging from beautiful florals, cheetah print, or entirely covered in sequins. These backpacks are made with a loose material, so they mold to the shape of your back. These bags are durable, reliable, and can truly show your personality!


These backpacks are super popular around campus.  We love Herschel bags because not only do they offer great back/shoulder support, but they also come in a variety of really unique and colorful designs. Herschel offers many different types of school bags in many different sizes, so you have tons of options. 


Just like Herschel backpacks, these are another common bag being sported around campus. Jansport backpacks come in a few basic colors. These bags are very neat and sophisticated looking. If you’re looking for a more professional, subtle backpack, these are a great option.

Under Armour Sports Bags

These backpacks are the ideal bag for athletes. This bag doubles as a gym bag and school bag. The durable material can easily conform in the tight space of a gym locker, yet are spacious enough to store all your school necessities. 

Top Shop 

For those who love being fashionable and trendy from head to toe, a backpack is no exception. A stylish leather backpack, like this one from Top Shop, is perfect for you. It’s practical and adorable. With it being a fancier bag, you’ll find yourself wearing it more often because it’s a super cute accessory to any outfit.

Shoulder Bags

If backpacks aren’t your thing, shoulder bags are also an option. The only problem with shoulder bags is that the straps must be very durable, or you run the risk of them breaking. This bag is a great option because it is deep enough to hold all of your items securely, and the material is very strong and durable. You can get any style or type of shoulder bag you like, just remember the straps need to be good quality, as you will be carrying around heavy books and possibly your laptop! Cross body straps that come with the shoulder bag are also a major bonus, as they add extra security. 

It’s hard to think about the next school year already, but unfortunately, before we know it, it will be here again. Whether you get your school shopping done now, in the summer, or two days before classes begin, we hope these suggestions come in handy! 

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