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5 LGBTQ+ Romance Movies That Will Melt Your Heart

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The talk of romance is humming in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches! Whether you have plans with a significant other tonight, are rocking another Valentine’s Day solo or watching movies and indulging in a few snacks- here are five LGBTQ+ romance movies with storylines that will make you laugh, smile and cry tears of joy. And for once, they all have happy endings!  

“But I’m a Cheerleader” 

The first movie I recommend is an absolute classic in the wlw (women loving women) community! But I’m A Cheerleader (1999) is a rom-com that packs a hilarious punch with its satire while depicting a beautiful yet cheesy love story. Starring Natasha Lyonne, Clea DuVall and featuring RuPaul, Megan is the “picture perfect” American teenager and high school cheerleader who grows up in a conservative family. After Megan and her parents realize she’s lesbian, she is driven off to a conversion therapy camp called “True Direction.” Although that may sound sad, don’t worry, the movie uses satire to poke fun at how ridiculous the concept of conversion therapy is, and the overall tone is light-hearted and campy. Despite repressing her sexuality, Megan befriends Graham and a slow-burning romance develops between them. This movie had me dying of laughter and is just the right amount of cheesy romance! 

Watch it: Amazon Prime, YouTube or iTunes. 



D.E.B.S (pronounced “debs”), standing for Discipline, Energy, Beauty and Strength, is an action-filled rom-com that is SO ridiculously cheesy, I have to recommend it! Featuring Jordana Brewster as Lucy Diamond and Sarah Foster as Amy, D.E.B.S (2004), is rich with the early 2000’s aesthetic. The movie tells the story of four school girls who’ve been trained in a secret government agency to take on the world’s most dangerous villains. Amy’s whole life and career have been focused on becoming the head D.E.B. until she meets Lucy Diamond and falls in love. The two begin a hilarious but sweet adventure of sworn enemies falling in love, all to the band Erasure’s song, “A Little Respect.” If you’re looking for a pick-me-up movie, this one will certainly do! 

Watch it: Amazon Prime and iTunes. 


Saving Face 

Another charming and well-written movie is Saving Face (2004), with Taiwanese-American Actress Lynn Chen, Chinese-American actress Joan Chen and Michelle Krusiec. This movie tackles the foundation of family, secrets and “coming-out” with the right balance of comedy and romance. Wil has two secrets that she won’t tell her traditional mother: that she’s a lesbian and that she’s dating her girlfriend, Vivian. However, Wil’s mother also has a secret of her own that complicates their family dynamic. This tangle of secrecy unravels a stunning performance of love, friendship and family–a heartfelt story! 

Watch it: iTunes or YouTube. 



Now we’re taking a slight turn away from the light-hearted rom coms, as Moonlight (2016) is a romance/drama that delves into a heart-pounding romance and deals with complex content, including physical abuse, drugs and mental health illness. Starring Ashton Sanders (Chiron and Andre Holland as Kevin, the movie is about a young African man who struggles with his identity and sexuality while growing up in the War on Drugs neighbourhood of Miami. Despite facing harassment and ridicule for being in love, Chiron and Kevin’s relationship is captivating, emulating the feelings of being young and in love. Additionally, to overcome the homophobia and discrimination in his life, Chiron learns to accept himself and rise above his hardships. Overall, it is a beautiful movie with the tendency to pose to these problematic issues in a way that portrays a heart-wrenching romance. 

Watch it: Netflix or YouTube 


God’s Own Country 

This is a fantastic movie! Again, there’s some heavy content in dealing with substance abuse, but the romance is sensual and illuminating. Along with the scenery of Yorkshire, England, God’s Own Country (2017) features Josh O’Connor as Johnny Saxby and Alec Secaranu as Gheorghe Ionescu). In this movie, a young farmer, Johnny, is frustrated with his difficult home life. He numbs the pain with drinking and casual sex until he meets a Romanian migrant worker, Gheorghe, who inspires him to venture on a soul-seeking journey that turns into a passionate romance! The cinematography for this movie is stunning and the acting is emotional and heartfelt! I would watch this movie if you’re looking to cry some happy tears! 


Watch it: iTunes or YouTube. 

All of these movies are award-winning LGBTQ+ films and are well worth watching, even if it’s not around Valentine’s Day! It’s also essential to have happy endings, as it’s a common trope in queer narratives to end unhappily or result in death, so YAY to these movies for providing fantastic romances and positive LGBTQ+ representation! 

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