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5 Incredible Inventions Created by Women

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Women are strong, intelligent and multifaceted. There are so many layers to women, and these layers highlight the diligence they bring to the world. As society progresses, new contributions arise to make life easier. This month is Women’s History Month. However, many people overlook the contributions women have made to society. Therefore, in honour of Women’s History Month, here are five incredible inventions created by women!

computer algorithm – ada lovelace, 1843

Computers are at the heart of our society. In 1843, Ada Lovelace invented the first computer algorithm. Lovelace achieved this with her mathematics lecture notes! Lovelace took the notes she took during her mathematics lecture and translated them. As a result, she was given credit for creating the first computer algorithm! Because of this contribution, society has continued to advance!

home security system – marie van brittan brown, 1969

To protect us from intruders, we have the ability to have a home security system that has saved many lives. In 1969, Marie Van Brittan Brown found that the New York police were way too slow when responding to calls in her neighbourhood. Therefore, she took matters into her own hands by creating the first home security system! Brown achieved this with closed-circuit television. The home security system has changed the lives of much forever.

caller id and call-waiting – shirley ann jackson, 1970

Before caller ID and call-waiting, it was impossible to tell who was calling us. This caused unnecessary concern that we no longer experience thanks to Shirley Ann Jackson! As an award-winning theoretical physicist, Jackson has made many contributions to the field of telecommunications, her most prominent being caller ID and call-waiting! Overall, the way we receive calls has changed forever! 

life raft – maria beasley, 1882

The life raft is a game-changing invention that saves lives when travelling by water. The life raft wouldn’t exist without Maria Beasley. In 1882, Beasley made a fortune on a barrel-hooping machine patent. Later, the life raft improved using guard rails that were fireproof and foldable, making it easier to store. The life raft saved the lives of passengers on the Titanic, which had a significant social influence! 

fire escape – anna connelly, 1887

The fire escape is an asset that many homes now have. In 1887, Anna Connelly invented the fire escape. Connelly created the fire escape by using an external metal staircase that saved the lives of many from deadly fires! Later, her invention caused the New York building regulations to change. Because of the fire escape, residences must have a secondary exit. Anna Connelly single handily invented the fire escape and made an impactful law change!

Overall, women have made many life-changing contributions to society. Without these strong, multifaceted and dignified women, these inventions we prevalently use today wouldn’t exist! Many people overlook women innovators. Therefore, it’s critical to recognize their contributions and achievements, particularly during Women’s History Month. Happy Women’s History Month to all! 


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