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5 Important Things We Can Learn From the Gen Z Generation

Every generation has important qualities they bring to the world and Gen Z does not hold back on telling everyone how they truly feel. Here are some important things we can learn from the fearless generation.

Generation Z, also known as “Zoomers,” are people born between 1995 to 2010. They are known to be a generation brought up entirely on technology and innovation. Ever since their childhoods, they have been exposed to the internet, social media and mobile systems. This has produced a generation that is very comfortable with extremely controversial issues such as same-sex marriage, women’s rights, abortion and transgender bathrooms. This is quite a contrast to millennials, a generation raised during an era of economic struggle who had to endure global events such as the Great Recession, 9/11 and the OJ Simpson trial. Millennials are known to be more idealistic, confrontational and unable to take criticism. 

Generation Z has a lot to teach the world, here are a few essential things we can learn from them.

Just be yourself

For a generation that grew up during the rise of social media, with ads constantly telling them how to fix their appearances, they are not afraid to be themselves. Gen Zs know who they are, and they stand by it. They are unapologetically confident, self-guided and comfortable with themselves. 

Only they have the power to change the world

Gen Z grew up with political issues such as equal pay, police brutality, school shootings and countless others front and center. They are politically and socially conscious of global concerns. Gen Z is not afraid to stand up for what they believe in; they are willing to work hard and make a positive impact on the world themselves. Individuals like Greta Thunberg who are dedicated to fighting issues like climate change prove that Gen Z has the ability to call for transformative and immediate change.

Be an independent thinker

Gen Z has a resilient “do it yourself” attitude. Millennials proved to Gen Z that even if you follow the “plan” by going to college and getting a degree, you might still end up jobless and poor. Gen Z has learned that they don’t have to follow this formula to make it in the world. They are self-taught and resourceful, using their social media skills to start careers on YouTube, Tik Tok and Instagram. Although many Zoomers are still pursuing higher education, they know it is not the only option. They’ve seen people succeed in non-traditional forms, fueling their imagination to do the same.

Make yourself the main character of your life story

If there’s one thing Gen Z has taught us, it’s that only we get to decide how we want to be portrayed in the world. According to the American Psychological Association’s “Stress in America: Stress and Generation Z” report, Gen Z has reported having the worst overall mental health among all generations. Regardless, they have learned to still be adventurous and active, embracing self-love and self-respect.

Be accepting and open-minded of diversity

Gen Z grew up surrounded by diversity and culture. They share common values such as acceptance, inclusiveness and justice for marginalized groups in a way that previous generations never have. Gen Z celebrates their own unique identities while also accepting other’s differences. They are aware that even though we may all look or act different, we are all simply human.

Gen Z is a generation that has the ability to make a huge impact on the world. Gen Z faced the Great Recession and 9/11 in different ways than millennials. They witnessed the impact it had on their parents losing their jobs and homes, completely changing their perspective on the capitalist system. Gen Z has a strong emotional connection to causes such as climate change and social justice. As much as anyone might hate to admit, Gen Z is the most informed and responsible generation of all time. They’ve taught the world how to use technology to their advantage and to always remember that even when everything in the world is going wrong, memes can still bring us back together.


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Chandni Bhatt

Wilfrid Laurier '21

Chandni is a fourth-year Global Studies and Political Science student. She loves writing, reading and binge-watching Netflix tv-shows.
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