5 Acne Products Under $10 to Keep Your Skin Fresh and Pimple-Free

Unfortunately, I was not blessed with picture perfect skin, and like many, I deal with breakouts and acne semi-regularly. My skin tends to break out the worst in times of stress, and since I’m a student, that means frequently. With exams right around the corner, I’m here to share some of my favourite super affordable acne products to keep your face clean and happy. 

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Cleanser

This cleanser has been a fan favourite for gals everywhere since puberty. Not only does it smell amazing, but it is super affordable and comes in many varieties. The regular cleanser is a personal favourite, but they also have body washes, scrubs and moisturizers. Find the entire line on Amazon for around $8 an item.

Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful Masks

These squeeze-tube style masks come in so many varieties and are super affordable. At around $5 each, you can definitely afford to get a few to suit all your facial care needs. For breakouts, the lemon and mint mud mask is so soothing on the face and makes your skin feel buttery soft. Pick it up on Amazon, Walmart, or some grocery stores.

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid

If anyone read my last article on The Ordinary’s foundation you already know I am obsessed with this company. I recently tried out this $5.30 salicylic acid as an acne spot treatment and I’m not turning back. Spot treatments can be so expensive, and this product honestly has nearly identical ingredients but is much friendlier on the wallet. Get your own here.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner

I don’t use toners very often, but The Body Shop’s Tea Tree line is amazing for all things acne, and this product definitely pulls through. At $8, this is an easy item to add to your routine. I also find this product great to travel with, as it takes no time to apply and freshens up your face in almost no time at all. 

Facial Wipes

I’ve got a pretty extensive skincare routine and I’ll be honest, I don’t use facial wipes very often. However, when I travel or go away for a few nights I always bring facial wipes. They fit so nicely into a backpack or purse and are a quick and easy way to cleanse your face. Especially if you have acne prone or oily skin, you should always wash your face every morning and night, but we know sometimes that doesn’t happen. Facial wipes like these Garnier ones are a great way to keep your face clean and happy when washing isn’t really an option. 

Wishing you a break-out and stress-free exam period!