4 Quintessential Albums for Your Fall Playlist

Summer is officially over and it’s time that we embrace autumn... or maybe even celebrate it! While it can be discouraging to put away your daisy dukes and bust out the knitted cardigans and Roots sweats, there are a lot of elements of autumn to get excited about. I’ve got 4 perfect albums for your fall playlist that pair with autumn, like good wine and cheese.

1. Shore – Fleet Foxes

Seattle-based Indie sweethearts Fleet Foxes released their new album Shore just this past week, more specifically – right on the first day of fall! If that’s not kismet, what is? This is the album to have pumping through your AirPods when you’re going on a leisurely fall walk, pretending you’re in a movie montage (surely, I’m not the only person that does that?). The crunch of the leaves beneath your chic fall boots paired with the miraculous acoustic layering taking place within this album will leave you feeling ethereal.

2. The Lion’s Roar – First Aid Kit

When First Aid Kit (the Swedish folk duo, not emergency response equipment) released The Lion’s Roar in 2012, the album became internationally acclaimed, with The Guardian assessing that this album was “a bigger, better record than their debut”. The Lion’s Roar has found its way into our Fall Playlist because it’s the perfect morning album. Let the whimsical yet powerful voices of our favourite Swedish sisters boost your confidence, gently yet firmly usher you into your day and convince you that YES, you can pull-off orange. I will be held personally responsible if upon completion of this album you aren’t softly smiling and swaying like a true Bohemian queen.

3. Cheek to Cheek – Lady Gaga and Tony Bennet

I’ll start my next recommendation with a simple question – is there anything Lady Gaga can’t do? The third spot on our fall playlist is secured by Gaga’s jazz album with the iconic Tony Bennett - Cheek to Cheek. This the album for those colder autumn nights where you’re feeling a bit sexy and even those cold winds can’t dampen your spark. Pour yourself a glass of Cab Sauv, or warm up a mug of apple cider and spend the night romancing yourself (as we all should, far more often, in my opinion). Toss on some bold lipstick, light some incense, maybe even run yourself a decadent bath – be sure to indulge. 

4. All Mirrors – Angel Olsen

Don’t let her name fool you – Angel Olsen isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. The creator of our next perfect fall album is a brunette, baby-fringed, rock daydream of a woman with an altogether arresting voice that will leave a lasting imprint on your auditory memory. This is the album for the big moments, the big emotions – this album is like a massive band-aid for your biggest inner wounds. On those nights when you’re feeling a bit darker or feeling a bit down, turn to this album to console you and bring attention to the power that is your emotional side.